It's been a funny week, I had a small FM flare up and that is just about starting to settle down. I feel like I have been trampled by a herd of horses at the moment, which is really annoying and very painful!

My lesson went well, though I wasn't as focused as I have been the previous weeks. I think because I was in a flare, it was messing with my concentration.

Pink was so good, bless him, he had a good warm up by my instructor in the previous lesson, so I didn't have to warm him up much. we had a trot around the school a couple of times and I am really pleased that I can now manage to get his head in the right position and get him listening to me and keep him going now. I did find that I didn't have much strength in my lower leg, but since I started using half chaps, I noticed that it has helped me keep my leg on and keep him moving on. I think one of two things that has helped, It's supporting my leg and also probably helping me in a psychological way. lol Maybe I'm totally wrong!

Well back to the lesson.
I rode through my test a couple of times and I am still finding my turns and transitions are a little messy still. Since that was my last chance to practice before my test I felt that I could have focused on the lesson a lot more.
I really hope I don't mess it all up. I am still running through everything my instructor said to me when I'm thinking of the test and what I need to remember.
My turns vary, some lack the impulsion and others lack bend and are sloppy and poor Pink falls around the turn. I think it's because I am concentrating on so many things that I forget to also think about the maneuver at hand!
My transitions are either a little to early or a little to late. Though there have been the few times where I have do the transition absolutely spot on....I know I can do it! lol

Still I will do my best and just go out and enjoy myself, I happy that I am riding Pink as Pink and I are really starting to develop a good relationship. If I owned a horse like Pink....I would be a very happy person! He's the best!

I haven't got any new pics of Pink yet, but I am hoping that my best friend and my dad will take plenty for me and film my test too!

Thanks to my Instructor and all the helpers at my RDA group, You guys are great! Thank you for your precious time.

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