I’m back from a 4-day weekend that was mainly for riding with my sister.  We had so much fun.  Thursday, we went on a 2-hour ride with Cole and Ranger.  We did a lot of trotting on the way out and a little on the way home.  The horses were great.  We went on a trail that neither horse has been on since last year.  It was great.  When we got back, I took Cruiser on a short ride.


We weren’t sure how they would feel on Friday, so we went on a shorter ride with a lot of trotting and a little cantering.  I wasn’t concerned about Cole, but Ranger is probably over 20 years old, so we are careful with him.  I’m glad to say he was just fine, and we had another great ride. I haven’t done that much cantering with other horses on Cole, but he did really well with it.  I’m sure we will be doing more of it.  When we got back, we took Cruiser, and my boy friend’s horse, Starry on a short ride.  Then we waited around for the vet to give them their second round of spring shots.  She was early!  Hurray!  It was a short wait.


Saturday had an extreme weather change.  It was downright chilly, so we did a 5-mile ride with Cole and Ranger.  They were both hyper because of the weather, but we managed.  On the way home, we were riding parallel to the river and the shale cliff on the other side decided to avalanche.  Both horses went flying!  We stopped them without any serious trouble.  I don’t know if they can ever get used to the rocks sliding down the cliff and falling in the water.


I then took Cruiser on the same 5-mile ride.  He enjoyed himself—and so did I, of course.


Sunday was a little warmer, so we went up to the show ring trails.  They were both a handful, so we ended up doing more walking towards home than we usually do up there to keep them calm.  Still, it was a good ride.  I took Cruiser on a short ride when we got back.


The weather is going to be cold and crummy, tonight, but at least we aren’t getting the snow they are getting to the east of us.  I should still be able to get them out for a ride if it doesn’t rain.


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