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With the cooler weather and shorter days, it becomes more and more difficult to get yourself out to the barn and into the saddle. Finding that initial motivation to go ride can be a real challenge, so we've come up with some great tips to get yourself motivated and out to the barn.

Schedule a Ride with a Friend

Put peer pressure to work and schedule a ride with a friend. When you have to meet a friend, you won’t want to cancel on them. This little bit of guilt can be helpful in getting yourself out to the barn, and riding with a friend can be more fun than riding solo.

Remind Yourself About Riding After Time Off

Do you remember how it feels to get back into the saddle after weeks or months off? Your legs are weak and nothing feels graceful or easy. Even after missing just a few days of riding, your coordination is a little off and you have to work more than usual. When you’re trying to convince yourself to get out to the barn, think about what it will feel like if you don’t go riding for a few days.

Don’t Get Distracted After Work

It’s all too easy to come home after work, sit down, have a snack, turn on the computer, and lose an hour or more of time. Don’t do it. Grab a snack and set your phone’s timer for fifteen minutes to ensure that you get up and moving again. Don’t lose your momentum!

Set Up Your Equipment Ahead of Time

If you’re truly fighting the mental battle to go ride, then try setting up your equipment ahead of time. Have your breeches, boots, and shirt ready and waiting before you leave for work. Having a water bottle filled and a snack ready to go can also help you to get out of the house quickly.

Break Riding Into Pieces

Does the thought of schooling your horse for an hour overwhelm you after work? Then don’t head to the barn with the goal of schooling. Instead, make the task smaller, and break your ride into more manageable pieces. Tell yourself that you will go ride for half an hour to keep your horse and yourself in shape – no intense schooling required. Chances are that by the time you’re in the saddle, you’ll be feeling better and will likely extend the duration and up the intensity of your ride.

What other ways have you found to get yourself motivated to ride?

Original Source: Tips to Motivate Yourself to Go Ride

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