Lungeing Videos From The last 3 Days - Kingsley

Photo above: Kingsley today.
We are to lunge him 20 minutes a day encouraging correct outline and better balance. Problem 1: Kingsley's idea of lungeing is to check how upside down a horse can get and how fast can one run...
Problem 2: He still isn't totally sound

These two things in mind, here is Video 1, from 31st of March. He seems much happier and more even in trot BUT:

* he pushed on a chambon so much he basically went around inverted (there was no more option to shorten the straps unless I knotted them into some intricate patterns which I decided not to do)
* he ran around as fast as he could and I shouldn't really turn him on small circles so not that much of a slow-down option...

2nd April
I swapped chambon for side reins and after a lot of patient work bringing him back to walk if he zoomed around etc I got there in the end. This video shows the very beginning and how resistant he was to the side rein contact. My camera died after this video so couldn't film the nicer work at the end.
The whip you see me waving is me trying to keep him on a bigger circle as he was in my face through half a circle, then away on the other half. This is mainly as he is still very tight and finds it difficult to bend and stay supple.

3rd April
And finally, today. He is getting the idea and I am really pleased with him. I will swap back to chambon when he is a little bit more balanced. I also need to find a shorter version of it as the one I have is 'full' size and Kingsley is only 15.2hh. Excuse the video operator. Pauline was kindly filming me using my phone and trying to figure out the settings...

So as you see, still not as balanced as we would like and some uneven steps now and then but it's nice to see him moving like an equid...I do have videos on the other rein too but it takes ages to upload them all so will post them next time.
I'm on a mission for an early night, not feeling too great, some annoying cold is daring to try to slow me down!
More news after the weekend :)

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