I've not written on Barnmice in a while as I've been busy with getting used to college life. I'm attending community college this year before going to university next year to start pre-veterinary medicine. I'm taking a world civilizations class, a bio-chemistry class and a math class. I've been quite busy studying each subject preparing for quizzes and tests and also writing on my blog( for each of you who reads this, will you please take the time to visit www.citifiedcowgirl.wordpress.com and perhaps sign up to follow it and for those of you with facebook like the page too?) that I recently started.

 I'm still volunteering at the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center when I have the time and I'm also working on my riding skills. I've been riding our Norwegian Fjord, Colby, and working on my sitting his fast-paced "Dressage" trot. We've been making quite a bit of progress, and I've been doing pretty well considering I'm used to the slow Western jog and lope. 

 Nothing much has been going on, I'm currently experiencing writer's block so I've not much to write. Head on over to my page www.citifiedcowgirl.wordpress.com and leave us a comment to let me know you visited and don't hesitate to sign up to receive what I write in your e-mail box and give our facebook page a like too.

 That's all,

I'll stop by to write something again soon, until then,

 Have a happy ride~

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