Never been much for Blogging but lets give it a shot

So I've never been one to do this, but I'm in a new place, trying to start a business and start a life and so far its been a pretty rock road.  I moved to Ocala Fl and purchased a beautifully trashed property.  It has good solid bones but it just needed some serious elbow grease.  It is just under 14 acres, not sure if i could manage much more by myself.  It has a beautiful 12 stall block barn with this large enclosed storage room that I'm eventually going to turn into a tack room/office.  It also has two other rooms that can be used for grain or tack at the moment.  I also have a very shabby but shaping up nicely 8 stall wood barn.  Its a weird design, but it grows on you.  I have a full lighted grass riding arena, surprisingly after being foreclosed for 3 years all the lights work!!!!!!  A round pen in need of some serious TLC and 6 pastures of varying sizes that were in desperate need of work.  The first order of business was to get the grass mowed.  Well mow i did, i mowed and mowed and mowed until my face turned blue and then mowed some more.  And to make matters worse the place was infested with silk spiders, and when i talk about infested i mean, seriously infested.  They were EVERYWHERE.  But as the months past and first we started with power washing the block barn on top of mowing, and then we moved on to fixing fences, and repairing fences.  Then we moved on to trimming trees and removing unwanted shrubs.  Over the past six months this jungle covered 14 acres has turned into a beautiful green grass mowed and well maintained equine facility.  The only thing I'm missing at the moment is well... horses.  I've got two of my own and they have been living on property since i moved up here.  And let me tell ya something, 14 acres of tall grass will do wonders to your hard keeping 18hh thoroughbred and then you have to watch the pony to make sure he doesn't gain to much weight.  But i have not seen these two creatures happier.  And on January 1st I welcomed my first boarder.  Shes a working student because she can't afford board, but shes a hard little worker.  Feeds everyone lunch Monday through Friday while I'm at work and is there every evening to help feed dinner and randomly ride.  Her little mare is such a sweet heart.  She has such a great personality and is putting on weight and recovering from the injury which prompted my new working student to reach out to me and move to my place.

Well I was thinking that maybe there was something wrong with me and that was why I couldn't get boarders....turns out the has had a ton of people emailing me about wanting to board and just not telling me about it...and on top of that, i had to pay to get the leads so that i could reach out to them and apologize for never getting back to them.  You'd figure when i originally put my ad up there with a phone number and link to my webpage people would go there after not hearing from me....well...not so much.  *sigh*  so i ended up getting a really nasty email back from one lady and haven't heard from anyone else *sigh*  Hopefully my luck starts to turn around.  I'd really like for this to start taking off.  I would love to get more boarders in, meet more people in the area and stop watching my pennies and dimes to figure out where lunch for next week is going to come from.  I have been incredibly blessed to never be out of work more then 2 days between positions.  Graphic designer, personal assistant and data entry, show groom, and back to personal assistant and data entry person at my old position.

Any suggestions on how to go about getting new boarders and meeting people in a new place?

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