I'm back to riding again! That really makes me happy.

My ride this week was pretty relaxed compared to the previous weeks of preparation.
The others in my group that qualified are now working hard to prepare for the Nationals in a few weeks. so my ride at the moment is not so focused.
But I will get myself back in to that focus again, as I want to become the best rider that I can possibly be despite my FM - I don't want it to get the better of me.

Riding is my buzz and so I seem to "forget" all the pain, even though I still feel pain, and everything else when I am riding. It's very odd, as it's all very subconscious. The pain and tiredness becomes more and more persistent when I am at the end of my endurance for that particular ride. Then it's time for me to get off and relax.

My ride this week was really nice, though the weather was quite hot. I was pretty much left to my own devices whilst our instructor worked on the other lady who is going to the Nationals. I rode Pink around the school and we trotted some circles and around the school few times mixing the trot with a lot of walking. I practices a few turns and halts and also worked on my transitions a little. I wasn't as focused as I have been and my riding was a mix of good and bad!
I was also pretty tired and so I wasn't really able to concentrate as much as I could have.

I am looking forward to next week. I am hoping I will be less tired and more able to concentrate.
It's been a real tough time for me over the last few months and my body is very painful and I am unable to concentrate much. I am now trying to pace my activities and rest as much as I can.

I am sorry if I am rambling here, but my concentration isn't that good.......I am pretty tired lol.

Thanks for reading :)

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Comment by Cat on June 8, 2009 at 1:01pm
Hi Jackie and Brittany,
Thanks for reading my blogs :)
It good to know that there are others in our situation, we can all draw strength from each other since we know how much effort it takes for us to ride.
Take care and have a great time riding.

Comment by Jackie Cochran on June 8, 2009 at 11:40am
I really admire you. I have so much less pain than you, and still somedays I have to force myself to ride, and there you are, focusing intently on what you want to do. Good work.
Comment by Brittany on June 6, 2009 at 1:41pm
Hi Cat, I read your blogs, it is great to know I am not alone!! I know it is much harder than it sounds but keep up the good work. It is possible to ride often and well when you get back into it! I have had fm since age 10 or 11 and I am almost 18, It has created problems with riding but also can teach you many things, as you probably already know. I just wanted to let you know to keep your chin up! The small steps are the most important! Enjoy the sun and keep riding you and your horse look like a great match!

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