well i have only been trainin my horse for eight long and painful months now or somethin close to that.. lol... went and did some trainin yesterday since the weather was nice. first time in 4 months that i have been up on his back or had the saddle on him or anythin like that... no buckin, or fightin... i even got the bridle on him wit out a fight!!! so pleased wit him. lunged him for bout 20 mins under saddle.. got up on him and started workin on steerin and goin and stopin under my control.. doin good turns to the left but not the right... and i asked him to trot for the first time wit me on his back and he did it like a broke 30 year old.... I LOVE MY HORSE!!! lol... i am payin for it today tho.. my back, hips,and shoulders are killin me.... :( but its all worth it... i would not stop trainin just cause my body hurts a lil... cowgirl the f*** up!!!! but i am so pleased that he has not forgot anythinn i have taught him yet.... i am waitin for the day to come and when it does i mite be gettin hurt bad.... its goin to suck if he decides to dump me... thats a long fall... he is only 16.3 hands.... yeah he is a monster! height wise but a sweetheart nonetheless... i love him to death. by the way everyone i am workin on gettin new pics of the horses and postin them on here and facebook.... try and do it over the weekend or next week sometime...

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Comment by Meghan Rainey on August 20, 2010 at 2:14pm
thank you jennifer lamm
Comment by Jennifer Lamm on August 20, 2010 at 11:39am
good for you!!

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