On the occasion of the 20th birthday of my horse Alamuti.

When I first had you as a pony, you were slim and weak,
Though naughty and wild, you ate well and never felt sick,
I worked on your muscles and fed you well,
Once you were four, strong and built well,
I saddled you, slowly mounted on your back and waited an action,
After a few steps you jumped up and down in joy, your reaction,
You ever since played and played, and I fell down so many times so badly,
Nevertheless, we loved each other, throughout the years, never sadly,
You kicked me, bit me and pushed me against the wall in your box,
You took me to the mountains, in hot summers and deep winter snows,
We crossed the rivers and swam in the lake, fell down the hills and rolled over,
We jumped high jumps and dashed over the river banks and galloped through the trees,
In times when I was sad and hurt, you gave me solace, as my best friend,
I cleaned, shooed, washed and tamed you with love,
When you hear my footsteps and neigh, pounding your hoof onto the ground whinnying,
It is as if there are only two of us in the world, nothing matters more,
Once when you were sick, I thought I lose you, stayed up next to you until the sun rose,
I prayed and prayed for you to get well and you did, that was like giving back the world to me,
We are both old now, you 20 and I sixty three, time for us to go either first you or me,
If I go before you, you’ll have no one to look after you, bring you carrots and caress you,
You will suffer my absence, love and care,
Yet, it would be so sad for me to live without you,
But, I will tolerate it and pray for your soul,
However, if we both leave at once, we shall rejoice another birth together again.

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on November 28, 2018 at 5:21pm

Some horses touch our souls.

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