I just joined a few days ago. I live with my herd of 16 horses and one steer in the interior grasslands of BC. I moved from Gibsons over ten years ago because I was
led to follow my hearts desire and move my animals to a place where
they could have the freedom of a wild herd. We live on 320 acres of
forests, hills and meadows, pristine land that fills me with joy and
new discovery even ten years later. Living in seclusion from the human
mass mind media, I am able to immerse myself in the language of the
herd and have co-authored four books now with the horses,dogs and cats,
discovering a wisdom in their connection to higher consciousness (or as
they say, the ALL) that I know will become more and more available to
humans as their vibration increases coming up to 2012. My animals call
this period the 'Age of Enlightenment' and they say all life will
understand the concept of 'One Consciousness' in matter. We will begin
to resonate at a place where spontaneous communication will be possible
between all species. I am beginning to experience this with my herd, my
dogs, cats and even the consciousness of the land which seems to change
with my focus. Last summer we offered workshops so people could come
and experience this oneness and connection and re-discover their inner
child and the force of LOVE in all of creation. People from all over
the world participated and had life changing experiences. We captured
this in real footage from the workshops in the 3 DVD movie EQUINISITY.
The trailer is on site at :http://www.lizmittenryan.com

Through this connection, I have come to understand animals as wise teachers and healers, different, but no lesser than humans in intelligence or purpose. We are all here to extend the ALL in time and
space and substance and in my understanding animals are superior in
their connection to MIND than humans, and can show us that wisdom when
we invite them. My herd asks that we come without agenda to spend time
communing and understanding. When we invite and reward rather than
demand and punish, a whole new world of communication opens between
human and horse. Many people look on animals as servants, here to do
their bidding and various instruments of torture are used to intimidate
and command. Here,with my herd from baby up I invite at liberty,
praising and rewarding(I teach them to take treats gently) and make
each adventure fun. Trust and love are the guiding principles and play
rather than work. I ride only with a rope halter and clip on leather
reins and sometimes a treeless saddle. Once trust and respect is
established on the ground it is a natural transition to riding. I talk,
giving them words and pictures and reward for each task. My horses feel
safe and are relaxed and happy, only too glad to whoa for a treat. I've
now got the whoa so imprinted as a good thing to do that Prima can be
at a full out gallop in the hills, i say a soft and whoa, and she
screeches to a halt snapping her head around for her reward.

Horses have taught me to teach by example and as outraged and heartsick as I am about how animals are treated,I believe to make a difference we must be that example. Education and understanding are the
way to knowing animals as the amazing spiritual beings that they are.
Spending time in nature discovering the one life force in rocks and
trees and the consciousness of the Earth itself, opens floodgates for
the force of LOVE to wash over and become us and we it. " We are all
one; every single little quark is united in the same cosmic soup. There
are spaces but no boundaries. Boundaries are only thoughts" - Prima,
speaking for the Herd. If you visit my site you will find books that
you can read by clicking on titles, slide shows and videos. There is
one theme throughout: You and I can change the world, one mind at a

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