To buy or build: that is the question. Whether or not to buy an existing barn or to build one to meet your specifications is a question that every barn owner has faced. There are advantages and disadvantages to each route, and ultimately the decision needs to be based on your own situation, needs, and wants. Are you trying to decide whether to build or buy a barn? You’ll want to consider these aspects when you make your decision.

Time Limit

Time can be a major factor in this decision. Building a barn obviously requires some significant time, from buying the property to planning the barn’s layout to selecting the materials to the actual construction of the barn.

If you need to be in a barn sooner, buying an existing barn can be a good option. However, just how quickly you find a barn will depend on what you’re looking for, how much you’re willing to compromise, your location, the real estate market, and your budget.

Regardless of whether you buy or build, you may need to board your horses in a boarding barn for some time until your new arrangements are ready to go.


Your budget will also play into this decision. Some older, smaller barns may be offered for sale at a price that’s cheaper than it would cost to build a similar new barn, but you’ll need to remember that existing barns may be flawed and will likely need repairs. Do some serious investigating to determine how far your budget is likely to get you in either building or buying.

Location Requirements

If you are restricted to a particular location, building a barn may be an easier choice than buying one, especially if you’re waiting for a barn to go up for sale in a smaller or limited geographical area.

Your Specifications

Buying an existing barn will require compromise, whereas building a barn can mean that you can bring your dream barn to life. How much are you willing to compromise?

Your Desires

In the end, the decision of whether to build or buy comes down to you. Do you want to search for an existing barn that is suitable, and are you willing to compromise and make adjustments so that a pre-existing property can work for you? Or are you the type who would rather assume full control of the situation and build a barn to your own specifications?

If you decide that building a barn is right for you, visit the Classic Equine Equipment website for help to guide you through the process.

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