I finally got around to working my mare with some groundwork Saturday afternoon. First I got her all cleaned up and then took her out to eat some grass. Seems like this spring I am so far behind with what I normally do with her.This winter has been difficult with all the rotten weather. I still work and sometimes finding the time to get out to the barn to work her, gets away from me. I board her at a small farm about 3 miles from home. I do go out almost everyday and help put out or bring in her and 5 other horses. This helps out my barn owner and with boarding. And I do like being able to see and handle her everyday. She was happy with being cleaned up and getting to eat the grass (we are keeping them off the pasture til the grass gets up more). But when we started the groundwork, the diva attitude came out. She looked at me like "What the heck, you expect me to work?" It was funny to see the expression on her face. She did what I asked of her but you could tell she wasn't happy about it. She is a great trail horse and will go just about anywhere I ask of her. But she has too much time off this winter and it is time for her to get back to work. Normally I ride her a few times during the winter but this winter, I didn't get it done and in the spring if she hasn't been ridden much, she can sure get "THE ATTITUDE". But once she settles down, she is a wonderful ride. I am 65 years old and she will be 13 in May and I so look forward to many more years with her. I have had her 6 years and we have become pretty good partners. I like  her attitude even when she gives me the look.

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 21, 2011 at 4:49pm

I have found often that the proper response, every time I am given the "do I HAVE to work" look is a firm, verbal YES.  Then proceed.  The second time I have to comment I often put my hands on my hips when I am saying it.  The next step is shaking a finger in her face.  By that time the horse is so busy wondering why in the world I am acting so crazily, that the horse can forget its objections.  Doesn't always work, but at 13 she knows you so it may work.  She may grumble, she is a mare in spring time, of course she is going to grumble at work.  Juicy green grass and thoughts of love beckon. 

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