Strange And Beautiful Horse Breeds Around The World

There are many more breeds of horses located all over the world than most people are aware of. We know the breeds of our home countries the best and we may know a few of the very popular breeds, such as the Arabian because they have been so popular as racing stallions and for breeding programs in the USA. This is just one horse out of hundreds upon hundreds of different breeds and there are some breeds that are quite beautiful. It’s very interesting to see the way that horses have evolved to suit the terrain of their natural environments as well as the weather patterns of their homelands. Let’s explore some of the amazing breeds that can be found around the world today.


  • Marwari horse is a unique breed that has a history that ties it to the Arabian horse. It’s a breed from India that was hailed as the best horse for cavalry at one time in India. The Marwari has very unique ears that curve distinctively. He is known for his valor and bravery. This horse is sleek with a look that says there may be Arabian in his ancestry as well. They are still relatively rare due to a decline at one point that almost left them extinct. Thankfully, devoted fans of the breed stepped in and saved them from a fate of disappearing from this earth.

  • The Akhal-Teke horse is a truly brilliant animal to lay your eyes upon. He’s a Turkish breed that is golden in color, with a sheen so bright that he has a metallic look in the daylight. This breed is well-known for his intelligence, as well as his speed and stamina. He can run for very long distances. They are nicknamed “Golden Horses” due to the brilliance of their coat, which shines in a golden color.

  • The Gypsy Vanner horse, sometimes called the Irish Cobb, is a beautiful animal. He can be in solid colors or in black and white, but will typically be black or black and white. They are a domesticated Irish breed. They have a flowing mane and long flowing hair at the bottoms of their legs, extending over the hooves in similar fashion of a Clydesdale horse. They were often used to pull wagons and carts, called vardos, in which the people known as gypsies lived in. This is how they came to be named the Gypsy Vanner.

  • The Knabstrupper horse is a Danish breed that is often mistaken for an Appaloosa at first glance. They are one of few breeds that have the spotted coloration that the Appaloosas of the Western United States are known for as well. Their spots are passed on through a genetics condition referred to as leopard complex. They are an oddly beautiful creature to feast your eyes upon. Established as a breed in 1812, they’ve been around for quite a long time.

  • The Dalmatian horse, also called the British Spotted Pony, is a horse that looks exactly like the spotted Dalmatian dog. They’ve been known as a breed for more than 20,000 years and there is a drawing in France that is from the stone age that is said to be of a Dalmatian horse!

  • The Fjord Horse is a breed found in Norway. They are a dun-colored horse, which can vary between five different shades from lighter to darker dun. They are a very small horse, built somewhat like a mule and they are extremely strong, helping to pull loads, logs and doing farm work for the people of Norway for many years.

  • The Haflinger, also known as Avelignese breed, is a very strong and sturdy horse from Austria and North Italy. They are small with a very smooth gait and they are always a chestnut color. They take their name from the northern Italian town of Hafling

  • Mustangs of the American West are known as wild mustangs but they are actually descendants of domesticated horses, therefore they are technically feral horses. The mustang is incredibly resilient, can come in virtually any color, has a short, sturdy frame, with wide nostrils that enable breathing easy while on the move. They are managed by the Bureau of Land Management and are in danger of extinction due to battles over land management and cattle ranching. There are less than 1000 of these horses roaming freely at present and that number is expected to be culled to less than 500.

  • The Black Forest Horse is a German breed with long mane and tail. Perhaps the most striking thing about this horse is that his body is a dark color while the mane and tail are very light in color, almost blonde. His stature is small but his joints are extremely tough and his hooves are very solid, making him a great working horse. He was named for his ability to pull wagons and buggies through the Black Forest of Germany.
  • The Icelandic horse is sometimes also called the Iceland Pony, has a double coat to keep it warm during the frigid snows of the Iceland winter. It is a very strong horse, though not a large animal, barely larger than a pony. They are extremely laid-back and not easy to spook. They are known for being a very friendly horse.
  • The Clydesdale is a Scottish horse and is a draft horse, being very tall with hooves the size of a soccer ball. They can pull carts, logs, and were often used to pull very heavy loads. They are credited with being the horse that built Australia and they are world-famous for being the Budweiser beer mascots who pull the Budweiser wagon in parades all over the world, with stables in the United States that serve as tourist attractions. The Budweiser Clydesdales have definitely given the breed a boost of popularity. They are always a dark brown color with white markings, generally on the hocks and a blaze down the forehead.

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