Technology to Include When Building Your Dream Barn

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As you plan out how you will bring your dream barn to life, are you thinking about the technology that you want to include in your barn? It’s best to plan your technology out during your early stages of planning your barn. Here are some types of technology that you might want to consider including in your dream barn!


If you’re building a large barn, you might want to consider installing an intercom system. An intercom can be useful for quickly reaching anyone in the barn with important messages. From asking grooms to bring out certain horses to reminding students that their lesson starts shortly, a barn intercom spreads information quickly and efficiently no matter how large your barn is!

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most important technological investments that you should consider installing in your barn. Video surveillance can help to deter thieves, and may even reduce the cost of your property and business insurance. If you’re operating a boarding or training operation, the fact that your barn has video surveillance can be a reassurance to owners.

Hardwired Fire Alarm

If you’re not already planning to install a hardwired fire alarm in your barn, you should. The risk of fire in barns is significant, and you should absolutely invest in a quality fire alarm system. Additionally, contact your local fire department and find out if it’s possible to wire your fire alarm so that it sounds directly in the fire station itself. This feature can save valuable time in the event that a barn fire does break out.

Stereo System in the Viewing Room

Consider installing a stereo system in the viewing room so that anyone observing a lesson or training session in your indoor arena can hear the instructor’s comments. As long as the instructor uses a microphone, then installing speakers in the viewing room can be a useful tool which allows everyone to clearly hear the session.

Tack Room Alarm

Installing an alarm in your tack room is an excellent way to deter thieves. An alarm system offers your tack valuable protection, and provides you and any other horse owners with peace of mind each night. Installing a keyed alarm means that you can give the code to anyone who needs to access the tack room. With tack being one of the easier (and more valuable) items in a barn to steal and resell, the value of a tack room alarm can’t be overlooked.

What types of technology do you plan to include in your dream barn?

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