Here is a topic that everyone can relate to, the dreadful habit of cribbing. And I have an aversion to cribbing collars that a lot of people use, as I have seen horses have swollen heads from them being adjusted too tight, and also there is risk of damage to the oesophagus. It can also create pressure in the bones of the neck, creating nerve pinches and even sometimes nerve damage. Horses can also get caught up in fences in them, and break their neck. So hence I never use them. Cribbing releases endorphins, and the horse had learned how to "self medicate" due to stress, stomach ulcers, over work, or pain of some kind. IF you suddenly take that away from him, by adding a collar, are we really helping the horse, or only increasing his misery?

In years past I have managed to cure some cribbers, mostly thoroughbreds off the racetrack, by keeping them outside in sheds with hay in front of them all the time. If you can figure out what is making the horse crib - it is stress or ulcers, or some kind of body pain? And if you can eliminate the pain, the cribbing usually goes with it. I have also found that living outside cures it too, as does the use of a metal mesh muzzle attached to a leather halter, so if it gets caught on something the leather will break. These make the horse have to work a little harder to eat hay or grass, but they manage and they can drink water through them. I have managed to cure a couple of older horses who were confirmed cribbers this way, with the muzzle, at the same time addressing lifestyle changes and the physical aspect, they had ulcers that were untreated. Being in constant pain would make you want to do something to alleviate it! So think twice before you buy this gadget - think from the other side of the fence for a change, try to see the horse's point of view - until next time, cheers, the Horselady.

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Comment by Equine Niagara on March 25, 2011 at 8:45am

Mike Hughes a trainer from California has now developed the first of its kind - a 2-Step Training Program to teach your horse not to crib. Mike has spent 8 years studying cribbers, developing this program. He has successfully trained approximately 100 horses not to crib. Mike recently did demonstrations of his program at Can-Am. The Crib-FreeTM Training Program is available as a 2 DVD set with training aid $59.95, just the DVDs for $29.95 and the training aid is available individually as well at $34.95. Visit and use promo code 'Debi' if ordering in the U.S. In Canada Crib-FreeTM is available at .

Comment by P.Ann Turner on March 26, 2010 at 12:13pm
thanks Jackie, and these methods really do work too! People just have to be aware of the horse's stress and possible pain level and not just blame the horse for being neurotic, cheers, Ann.
Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 26, 2010 at 9:19am
Thank you for giving viable alternatives to help curb cribbing.

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