There is a very valid reason for not standing behind a horse...Oh and update on Norway trip!

There might be a mare around who dislikes your horse and you get a swift double barrel before you have the time to think "oh shit!". I've learned that 10 years ago so it wasn't me today (you simply don't make THIS mistake twice). My evening riders today went a little complacent about this rule and one ended up with a very accurate, embedded drawing of a hoof print on her thigh. We drove to the hospital just to be on the safe side but looks like there are no broken bones. Phew!

Now, the exciting training trip is now all booked up, flights and all! Even more amazingly, we have all the 8 places booked up already (30 minutes from when Maria sent the poster out!). No pressure then ;)

Here is a little snapshot of Maria's poster:

You can see the full version on her blog if you click on the image above. And this is our venue, looking all snowy from outside - thankfully they do have an indoor arena too :)

Photo by Maria of Horse Of Course

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Comment by Elise on January 13, 2011 at 3:49pm

Interesting clinic, and close to where I live! But that weekend I am going to a wedding....


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