Do you have an extra saddle sitting around in your tack room? Chances are there’s a rider out there who could put that saddle to good use while putting a little extra cash in your pocket. Thanks to the internet, selling a saddle online isn’t particularly difficult. These tips will get you started.

Clean and Evaluate Your Saddle

Before you list your saddle for sale, thoroughly clean and evaluate it. Look for flaws, damage, or other issues that you will need to disclose. Measure your saddle carefully. Be sure to check the saddle’s tree for soundness, and make note of whether or not your saddle has a serial number. If so, include that number in your ad.

As you evaluate your saddle, you will also want to compare it to other similar saddles that have sold recently. Checking Ebay listings can give you a sense of what prices riders are paying for the saddle in similar condition, and can help you decide on a fair price.

Write a Clear Listing

The text of your saddle’s ad should be detailed and clear. Include the saddle’s measurements and a detailed description of the saddle’s quality. You will want to specify any flaws, as well as any special features that a buyer might be interested in. State whether or not you are selling the stirrup leathers and/or the irons with the saddle, or if they are available for an additional fee. And don’t forget to mention your saddle’s price.

Get Good Photos

Always include high quality photos of your saddle with its ad. Take photos of the saddle from the side and the underside. Many buyers will also want to see photos of the saddle’s seat, underneath its flaps, the billets, and of the front of the saddle.

Use a Safe Payment Method

If you actually make the sale online, then use a safe payment method, like Paypal, to ensure that you get your funds. If you accept a check, tell the buyer ahead of time that you will be holding the saddle until the check has cleared the bank.

Always Ship With Insurance

When shipping a saddle, pack it carefully in a sturdy box. Always ship the saddle with insurance that is sufficient to cover the entire value of the saddle. This insurance should provide you with a tracking number, so you can monitor the saddle’s location and verify that it was received by the buyer.

Consider Consigning

Don’t have the time to deal with listing your saddle and responding to inquiries? Consider consigning your saddle with a local tack store or with a saddle consignment company. Consigning a saddle takes the responsibility for the sale out of your hands in exchange for a percentage of the saddle’s sale cost.

An unused saddle sitting in your tack room is just taking up space. Selling it can help out another rider and can put some extra money in your pocket.

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