I just read a very interesting article in Equus... it was about how spending many hours with their human is stressful and hard on horses.  Made a lot of sense.  The example they gave was a weekend warrior, spending all day Saturday with her horse... I'd be pissed off with that woman too!

I know some folks that ride multiple horses in an evening, so the horses get a cursory groom, a ride, a cool out and off they go.  That may actually be a favour to them, not something to worry about.  I don't stand around much with my horse tied up, although at shows I'll hang out with them around their stalls, but I'm not expecting them to stand still and be attentive, and that does seem to be something that they find difficult.

Maggie used to love hanging out, but again, not being restricted.  Havoc does too.  I guess I'll just keep it up!  When Havoc was a baby, he got almost daily short sessions, as young horses should. 

On the topic of my young man, he is dead sound right now, so it looks like it had to do with either a bit of a tweak he did to himself, and/or, his toes were too long.  So, he goes onto a short shoeing cycle and hopefully that will keep him going.  I've never had a non-stoic horse... and that Havoc just tells you every teeny tiny thing going on in his little brain or in his body.  I can't say it's a bad thing, other than sending me into freaking out episodes over his wellbeing!  Ah well, $500 worth of vet and x-ray... worth every penny, and we have some comparatives if we ever find we need them.

Shortly I'll go have some fun with my kids and then they get their teeth and some of their shots done.  But I promise I won't be with them for unending hours!  Have a great ride!

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 31, 2014 at 8:41am

Thinking back over the decades I realized that my horses would politely tell me to shove off if I spent too much time one-on-one with them.  They preferred being in the pasture with their herd.

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