I waited and waited to hear from MerryLegs’ farrier, with no response.  I told MerryLegs’ owner, and she sent an email to him to check his spam.  A few more days went by and nothing.


In the meantime, my health problem got more complicated.  My health wasn’t any different, but the test that would let us know what was going on couldn’t be completed and my doctor wasn’t sure of the next step.  He wanted to consult with a colleague—who turned out to be out of the country at the time.  it was starting to get comical, in an odd way.  it really didn’t bother me, except that I knew I had more hassle in the future.  I was more interested in MerryLegs.


Finally, I gave up on the farrier.  I asked MerryLegs’ owner if I could email his trainer.  Several years ago, he went out for 80 days of training.  I thought she could give me an  idea of what he is like and if he would suit me and my needs.  I sent the email out.


Then, of course, I had to wait longer…

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