A word of caution to all artists who are seduced into entering art competitions. Read the fine print very, very carefully.

Free entry and prize money may not be worth it.

Recently I came across such a competition run through the City of Edmonton (government) so I assumed it would be a legit competition.  The call for submission was very particular it had to follow a theme and if your art was chosen as the winner the prize money effectively bought the piece.

Also they required a 250 word essay describing the art to accompany the submission.  This competiton required quite a bit of thought and effort. However I was willing to do the work. 

below is the little essay I wrote  

Throughout the ages and recoded history of mankind, horses have played a very important role.  Artist Linda Finstad believes that horses are the common thread that tie all peoples, regardless of country or creed.  Her symbolic composition “New beginnings” depicts how everything in the universe must be harmoniously interconnected for birth and re-birth to take place.  The golden stallion rearing up towards the heavens is representative of the sun which gives warmth and energy to all living things.  The water raining down on mother earth  - represented by the golden mare at the base of the painting provides the life force for the earth to thrive and replenish in perfect harmony.  Although the painting is titled new beginnings it really depicts the circle of life which can only be completed when all elements work together for the greater good.

Everything was looking good until I read the fine print which read: 

I agree, to relinquish all rights to the physical work of art and grant an irrevocable, perpetual license for the use of its image in promotional materials to the contest coordinators.

By entering the competition you gave up copyright of your work - I don’t know about you but I feel that is totally out of order and taking advantage of the artist.

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