Waumpum's Gift - A community's kindness - from True Innocents Equine Rescue

From TIER (http://www.tierrescue.org/):

I thought I'd share this story of people coming together to help a horse and her owner. Pictures of Waumpum can bee seen on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=212084&id=364610464988

3-23-10 8:30 pm
TIER received a call from and elderly lady about a 27 yr. old mare who had sores between her thighs below her vagina. When the lady and her sister went to hose off the blood on the mare's back end, the mare whimpered!!! The lady says it looks kind of like ulcers. Sigh....

The owner contacted the local Humane Society to see if there was a rescue or something that could help her out. She has no computer and was originally given the name of a rescue in Texas! She called TIER because she has no money (husband passed away in December after several months of health problems) and cannot pay for a vet. She is still grieving about the loss of her husband, taking care of her elderly sister and trying to make ends meet.

After finding out where she lived, TIER contacted Cindy from Henderson Ranch because she lives close by and asked if she could take some ointments and Bute over (TIER will cover costs) check the mare out and take pictures. Unfortunately, TIER was not in a position to take in any horses at this time due to funding.

3/24/10 1:00 pm

Waumpum’s Gift

Cindy contacted neighbors in the area where Waumpum lives to see if anyone knew of a vet that could come out to examine Waumpum at a reduced rate due to the situation. She also put in a call to her vet. The neighbors, Clay & Sandy contacted their vet. Both of the vets contacted offered to help with this mare. Clay & Sandy’s vet could come out the soonest and she arrived around 1:00 pm to examine Waumpum. Cindy & Julie had scheduled a ride for the day, but they cancelled it so they could join Sandy & Clay to be there and offer support to the owner and to Waumpum.

The pretty little Appaloosa mare was sedated for the examination. Sadly, it was determined that she had Sarcoids on her vulva & a baseball sized tumor growing inside. The cancer was absorbing all the
nutrients that Waumpum was getting from her senior feed and hay and she was starting to lose weight. It was decided that the kindest thing to do for Waumpum was to assist her across the Rainbow Bridge. The owner paid the vet what she could afford. Sandy, Clay & Cindy pooled their funds to pay for the rendering company to pick up Waumpum after she was euthanized.

The owner had lost her husband in December after a considerable time with devastating health issues. He passed away as he got in the car to go to his dialysis appointment. Her funds are very limited, and losing Waumpum was another loss. The neighboring community came together in an
effort to assist a horse and a woman in need. Waumpum’s situation, as unfortunate as it was, brought together people who care. A community of individuals who reached out. Waumpum’s final gift to the woman who had had her for 20 years was to bring her new friends who cared. This woman made an effort to find help and it was there.

Huge thanks to these people, their heart and their willingness to step up to help. Thank you.


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