Gesstenia: So, my coach video taped me riding Tia on Sunday, I had been hoping to get some footage to send to Anky and Sjef's new educational center for evaluation. I rode outside in the FEI ring and Tia felt a little wild.

So watching this was REALLY helpful. The first thing I noticed about my position is that I keep my elbows too far back - I am determined to keep my elbows more in front of me - so I need to fight a few decades of muscle memory. In the half pass, I tilt my head in the direction of travel. Otherwise, I was happy with my position.

Second, Tia looked much better than she felt. That day she seemed always ready to run, low in the poll and on her forehand. Because of this sensation, I was not riding forward enough and never really established her best correct work.

So I had hacked and warmed up before the taping. I started with the flying changes. BUT my canter was not correct and most of the changes were late behind. I was really focusing on what I wanted to show Anky, so I proceeded to canter pirouette work - but again I was not concentrating on the basic canter. WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT about me being able to see this....I feel that I often ride the same way at shows. I'll get to the warmup and concentrate on the MOVEMENTS that I want to run through before my ride and will ride the movements BEFORE establishing the correctness of the basic gaits and not get anything near my best work.

It was so helpful to be able to see this, so I'm going to give the camera to Fran during my lessons - not to tape the whole thing, but just so that I can see parts.

Caddy continues to make great improvments. He is very spooky outside - but not the typical shying spook. Rather he stops concentrating and looses his responsiveness and submission. I need to be very mindful that this is spooking rather than disobedience.

Lessons tomorrow

Show season is fast approaching and I don't really have a game plan. I am hoping to do the Prix St George with Tia, but I don't have the tempe changes yet. So I may show 4th level test one for the first show in May OR I may decide to start showing in June. Fortunately, I have a lot of shows to choose from. Caddy also, is not quite fit to show so may show him 4th level this year.

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