What a week!

Well, let me first just say, congrats Norway! We (or Alexander Rybak) won the Eurovision song contest.
For those of you who are reading this for the horses just jump down a few scrolls ;) this first bit is dedicated to Norway, my country ;)

Then last Sunday it was Norway’s “birthday” and let me tell you, that is a big deal here in Norway. Everyone walk in parades, sing the national anthem, school bands march, we say horary and wave our flags for a whole day and at night we call our friends and invite them all over for a big bbq.

This will show you some pictures and our national anthem. For more info please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway

Ok, over to something less patriotic and more horsey!

The Pony: is doing good. She got her hooves trimmed two days ago so I’m not riding her for a few days (she’s barefoot, always has been and always will be) I’ve been lunging her on grass and she’s been employed as a lawnmower/weed remover(eater) by the owner so she’s living her life to the fullest. Lucky girl :)
(the picture (taken with my phone) is a bit twisted, she's really not that fat and her legs are longer!)

Linda: is not so good. She got a very swollen leg and the vet fist told us she needed rest and was put on meadow rest for two weeks, and we were told that the leg would be less swollen, but no such luck. So now a week into the rest we have called the vet back and demanded some drugs. It’s really hard because she’s just swollen. Not sore, lame or uneven. Just swollen. So there goes my big plan for a fit and not so fat horse this summer. She lives out in their field 24/7 now and I groom and feed her (high fiber cubes with extra biotin and magnesium powder as she’s prone to laminitis) every day and she’s living life with her horse buds. Lucky girl. :)

Well, that was our weekly update. Hurra for Norge!


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