What does Joy look like?

My name is Linda Finstad and for the past 15 years I have earned my living as an equine photographer and artist.  My my art work is very distinctive - always bright and colourful with a child like innocence.  However there is a deeper meaning behind why I paint the way I paint.

Everyone know that for a painting to be considered “Art” it has to stir an emotional response within whoever looks at it.  “My goal as an artist was to try and paint Joy.  This is the emotional response I want people to feel when they look at my work.  For me “Joy” comes in the shape of a horse (and cats lol).  But when I look at a horse I strive to see below the surface and his outer beauty.  I always pay close attention to his body language and listen carefully to what he is saying because I want to paint his personality  - which very often requires all the colours in the paint box.”  Each horse is a unique and magnificent masterpiece. 

Please leave a comment I would love to know what JOY looks like to you

To see more of my art please visit www.asharperimage.photostockplus.com ;

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