Now let’s get practical. Here are some pointers from a coaching expert…

  • Analytical eye. Ability to zero in on the issue and the source of it. Developed from watching hundreds of horses and riders and thinking about what we see
  • Proven corrections. And a plan B or C if correction A doesn’t solve the problem
  • Ask questions. Involve the riders.
  • Provide rationale for the corrections we suggest
  • Plan a balance of practice sessions to competitions. It’s proven that rider burn out is the result of too much showing without soaking in enough practice in between
  • Foster independent thought. Decision making. The goal is not to have a riding lesson at horse show.

Practice that requires some form of problem solving, known as “decision training,” may not produce as rapid a result early on but leads to superior learning and retention of skills as well as superior transfer of skill into the competitive environment. 1

Taken from: Vickers, J.N. (2002). Decision-training: A New Approach to Practice.

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