Why one day Retreats are as good as Vacation

Why attending the 

Painted Pony  - Creative Retreat is as good as a Vacation

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of your life and endless to-do lists. Feel like you just NEEEED a break?

But with heavy schedules and commitments its hard to get away on a vacation, I hear you!  Whether it’s impossible to take time off work or the many responsibilities at home with a family, for many people they don’t have the luxury to escape.

This got me thinking. “Me time” is key to well-being and we all deserve a few hours when we can truly center and reset our energy levels and if going away is not an option, how can a one-day Urban retreat help?

The magic that happens on longer retreats can be replicated in a day. How, you ask?

Here 5 reasons why attending a 

 “Painted Pony  - Creative Retreat”

 should be your next urban getaway.

1 It is all about “ME” time: Being able to disconnect for a few hours and think about yourself is not selfish at all; it is part of our “city survival kit”. It is relatively easy to escape for a few hours on weekends without work getting in the way and if you have children, having your partner or friends help baby-sit whilst you are away recharging your batteries. Taking care of yourself is the best way to make sure you can then look after others, may it be friends, work colleagues or your family. It also allows you to relax a little, which has immense health benefits.

2 Allowing a break from stress: Stress has been proven to be one of the most prominent deterrents for our health and we all have an abundance of it in our lives each day. Disconnecting for a few hours can have a hugely positive impact on our health. Especially when you include fresh air, horses and art. There are scientific studies to back up this claim.  But who needs science to validate this obvious truth.

3 Meeting like-minded people: On a day retreat you will spend a lot of time with people who, like you, are there to find a way to relax, play with horses and discover their inner artist. Which means you already share a lot of common interests, in this fun non-judgemental environment it’s easy to make new friends.

4 Time slows down: The most fascinating thing I noticed on all day retreats is how time seems to slow down. City life is fast and I hear so many people (including myself) say that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Day retreats allow time to slow down because we are no longer worrying about our to-do list; we are living in the present!

5 Personal growth:  Has so many stages even if you have never had any prior experience with horses by the end of the day you will understand how they communicate both to each other and also to humans. You will be able to identify and interpret equine body language. How cool is that!  You will learn how to identify and paint your personal spirit horse. However to connect to that horse requires a little soul searching and reflection. The retreat includes instruction on Photography, Pencil sketching and abstract painting. Perhaps these are brand new skills or ones you would like to approach from a new fresh perspective. 

There are so many more amazing benefits of spending a day at this unique retreat but perhaps the most appealing one is that they are practical and accessible to anyone, especially in a big city like Edmonton, where we so desperately need time off to reset and restart!

I know all event organizers say this but this time it really is true, the Painted Pony - Creative Retreat is an experience you will never forget.

Complete over-view of the painted pony - creative retreat plus up-coming dates and locations are at www.TheHorseWatcher.com

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