Ah, the innocent words we all hear. Today it was idle chit chat with the cashier. It's a gorgeous day here, going to be 12C, so I mentioned that I was going to take my horse out for a meander.  Oh I love horses is the usual response.  Me too, of course, I have two... and then the phrase...


I admit, I am lucky, I love my little kids, and I have sufficient health and wealth (okay, not much of either), to allow me to have my horses.  But I don't know one horse person that doesn't sacrifice SOMETHING to have their horses.  Whether it's the starving student working two jobs to keep her best friend in a $100 a month field, or it's a professional making 6 figures who sacrifices holidays for horse shows.


Usually we don't buy new cars every x years, or go on all that many vacations to Hawaii, and we squeeze riding time in around a full time job, maybe several, or we have a smaller house so we can afford board for our kids, or we get up at 6am in -30C weather to go feed our little charges and muck out their beds.


Yes we're lucky, but we make our own luck!

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Comment by Sarah Fairfield on February 24, 2012 at 4:15pm

I consider myself lucky also, I may live in a moldy trailer but I get to keep three magnificent animals alive.  What else are we here for?  Just a matter of priorities.  Remember this is your life not a dress rehersal.


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