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At 1:54am on June 10, 2013, Debra McDaid said…

That is really awesome that you took a stb in.  They make great horses for any discipline.  They are also a lot of fun and smart as heck as well.

I race and ride them, and have been involved with them since 1989, my husband has had them since 1970, so you can probably tell they are our favorite breed.  I have four stbs. at this point, Che (6, bay stud), Tattoo (9, bay gel), Steel (10, bay trotter gel pony), and Riley (5, bay trotter gel).  They are all race horses, but Tattoo has been retired due to an unknown ailment- at this point he cannot be ridden or raced and is enjoying a life of leisure.  Stbs as you might or might not know vary is size and looks, mine range from 14.3 (15 h in trotting feet) to 16.3 1/2, and dark bay to very light, with some white to none at all!  from a Morgan/Arab looking pony, to a WB, to TB looking horses- two pace, two trot, and Tattoo who has no trotting blood at all can trot faster than the two who are pure bred trotters with no pace! 

Your fella looks like a cool customer, and loads of fun... all the best of luck with him, he is a lucky boy that you took him in.


Take care

Cheers from


Tiocfaidh Ar La Racing and Riding Standardbreds

home of Che, Tattoo, Steel, and Riley

At 7:19pm on August 26, 2010, Barbara F. said…
Thanks!! I'm trying to load a video I took of my coach on him today, but I only got about 30 seconds because I wanted to watch!
At 2:55pm on August 15, 2010, Debra McDaid said…
Hi Thanks. Che is a great looking horse, and stands out in a crowd. He's the best looking stb I have seen so far... which sounds bad coming from me as I own him! lol, but even people who have had million dollar stbs have said so, so it's not just me... but we love him for his personality first and foremost. He has great action, and is very brave so I think that he will do well in his future, hope so anyway! lol lol
He's supper bred, so that helps, a well bred horse is a well bred horse in any breed.

Thanks again for the nice words. deb
At 10:27pm on April 9, 2010, Barnmice Admin said…
I'm always impressed with people who can bake! Do you bake a lot?
At 6:39pm on January 25, 2010, Catherine Chamberlain said…
Thank you! He's taught me so much. :)
At 5:29pm on September 24, 2009, Geoffrey Pannell said…
Off to Reynella on the 10th for another Prelim event, wont be last at this one!!
At 10:34pm on September 22, 2009, Geoffrey Pannell said…
It is a bit of a challenge with a baby in toe!!! What have you done at the shows you've been to? The spring season has just started for us, went to Monarto HT on the weekend. Did an absolutely crap dressage test!!! can't remember ever being stone motherless last before. I got a bit tence before the test because I couldn't find some gear, so that didn't help. Oh, we got two thirds at the Royal Adelaide Show in the Section 4's. So that was good. The jumping phases at the HT were much better, Itchy's first Prelim round(95cm) had two silly stops x-country, but jumped a cracker of a round showjumping. 16th at the end.Glad to here you are doing some teaching again. Cheers Geoffrey
At 5:43pm on September 17, 2009, Geoffrey Pannell said…
Hi Amanda, Glad to hear you are well and the baby is settling in. Are you riding yet?
At 3:41am on February 28, 2009, Charlie said…
hahah well yeah...It's been one of my nick names since grade eight lol.
At 2:09pm on January 31, 2009, HMcD said…
Yeah, a gypsey vanner, but also known as a 'gypsey cob', they're used here in the riding schools, which is where 'Merry Gerry' came from, they retired him, he was hard work, only I could get him going, so whenhe came up for sale I bought him. He's a real plod, I love him and he look after me, I'm still very much a novice.
Love your videos,
catch you later.
At 6:35pm on January 28, 2009, Judith Bakaluk said…
Don't have a computer right now. I am using my mom's or the one at the store when I get a chance.
I know what you mean, baby's going to be a soccer player I think. Only 10 weeks and 6 days to go (lol).
At 5:23pm on January 26, 2009, Kay Froehlich said…
wow... you do have quite a house hold! but in such a great way.

i love arabs... this summer i rode with a girl who does endurance riding and i rode a couple of her arabs... so sweet.... and it taught me a lot about posting.. ha ha!! but not sure at 56 if endurance is for me...
i just want to cruise along... no hurry...
Perfect is a TWH... and will be about 15' 2 hands... he is a little love.
I could not have asked for a better horse to help me with my new experience... It will be fun taking long walks and experiencing everything that there is to see and do. he is really good about my toucing him all over his body and when i slide my hand to his pastern and say 'hoof up' he is so good about it... but in the hing legs i have to ask more directly!
i don't have any specific plans for Perfect other than to love him and ride him when he is ready.... and who knows... maybe more... but for now... it is bonding and ground manners for this little guy:)
At 11:03pm on January 22, 2009, Geoffrey Pannell said…
Hi , Sure we can chat about coaching . If you want to have a look at my web site it's Cheers Geoffrey
At 9:49am on January 21, 2009, Catherine Chamberlain said…
Thanks! She'll be happy to hear that.
At 4:10am on January 20, 2009, Bernd said…

I'm still fascinated by the internet joining people with the same interests over the complete world. It's great!

You're probably too young to have seen the Olympics in Bromont, Canada yourself, but just if you want to see something unusual,- check the show jumping course in the 2nd round of the individual competition.
Its frightening! I remember it as I saw it on TV when I was at a horse show myself. We were sitting in a tent (drinking beer) when it was shown. Already the TV was breath taking, I have a book with the details, hights, distances etc. - vvow.

Well, my best wishes for a new year!
At 7:25pm on January 15, 2009, Catherine Chamberlain said…
Thanks! It sounds like your foal is going to be fantastic. Chance is six years old and I'll have had him two years this June. He's the first young horse I have trained up and it's been a great experience so far.
At 8:05am on January 14, 2009, Shannon Troglauer said…
Thank you so much for the complement on our minis. We try very hard to breed top quality horses and we strive for the arabian look.
Thanks agian
At 2:58pm on January 8, 2009, DLW & Excell Warmbloods (Renee) said…
there website is and phone number is 780)352-8483 hope that helps
At 2:30pm on January 8, 2009, DLW & Excell Warmbloods (Renee) said…
just remember the first heat cycle will be at least 11 or so days it is called a transitional heat they build double faulicles then it will generally happens depending on weather in feb march the heat after that should be 5 days you'll notice on day 3. then we will bring her to my house and either syncronise my mare with yours or or yours with mine and then take them down. get your semen now talk to roxy and get it shipped asap so that it is there and waiting. try not to wait that long to get it. and if you get it shipped now Roxy will send her frozen semen container out to pick it up and get it shipped right back to her so you don't have the hastle of sending the ladies container back to her, and roxy's container should be available know to use.
At 2:04pm on January 8, 2009, DLW & Excell Warmbloods (Renee) said…
can you not get fresh on him instead of frozen it would cut down on your costs, I shipped fresh from the states it came fed ex I bred the mare and she caught right away you should try to explore that option as well unless the said stallion is dead then you have to go with frozen. its generally cheaper and then you could get 5 star to do it but be aware of the flushing of your mare cause it ended up costing my friend 800 at the end, and they flushed her 10 times in 3 days not saying that would happen to you but your mare is not a maiden mare so she may need to be flushed at least twice. what happened with me is they coroloned my mare 36 hours before ovulation then they ordered the semen it arrived in Calgary (just my luck) the mare had already ovulated in the early morning the semen did not arrive at the clinic until the after noon they did breed the mare which she did catch but I would have been mad if she didn't catch because they forced the ovulation to early. then they told me that I could not breed the mare myself because they were regular breeders and used fed ex for that purpose so right there they out right lied to me (the semen would have arrived at my moms work and I would have picked it up and bred the mare at home and saved 600 dollars).
if your mare catches first time then you can stick the rest in storage and breed her next year. but yeah if you r mare is in heat the same time as maggie then I will definetly take her down for you. but I will be breeding her in the beginning of may so if she does not catch I can try again with fresh and breed her to florian.

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