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At 1:13am on October 5, 2010, Shirley said…
Hi! Now it's been a really long time! What are you up too?
At 11:47am on April 10, 2010, Shirley said…
Hi Kelly, We are getting near 6 months of communicating. how are you doing?
The one coach I was taking lessons from took some time off and I had to find someone new so I've had two new helpers since last fall. The newest one is helping me...after 6+ years. I don't really think it's a matter of "when u r ready the teacher will come' . I don't know why it's taken so long to find help but I am thankful it is here and hope she will be able to continue to come. It's like searching for a treasure and finally finding one. It's no brilliant new plan either. She got me focused on belly breathing and then started doing different patterns with obstacles each session and we are moving forward well now. Cash is 9 this spring too so he's reached a more mature place in his life, seems much more confident when we are outside, less spooking at things. I've been leading him down a couple of lanes and I hope to be able to ride those soon and then we can go on a few other lanes and then into the wooded lanes.
Hope to hear back from you. Spring is here!!!!
At 2:10am on October 2, 2009, Shirley said…
Hi Kelly, Good to hear from you. I bet it feels really good to be back with your horse lessons and horses.
Cash is right sided too.
I'm very happy with our lessons. I can keep him going much better now so it is easier to actually learn how to ride when you can keep some kind of memento going. When we were stopping all the time, I was focused on getting and keeping him going all the time and obviously that wasn't working very well but much better now. Now my back hurts from the trotting. But, I'll work with that.
The four horses left last Sunday and I can't believe I did not get any pics of them. But I will when I go up to visit. Sounds like they are only 10 or 15 minutes away so I gotta do that. It sounds like a wonderful home for horse and human. I've seen a few pictures and it is a very nice home. I get so emotional, when Moose, the yearling went to load up in the trailer, I just got really really sad, that sunken heart feeling. I thought I was going to be brave about the whole thing but as I approached him to give him a kiss and tell him bye...I got about a foot away and the sadness hit. I can go see him any time but it's not the same. I was tickled to see him load really well. He was a little afraid but with only a slight hesitation, he hopped right in with his mom and half sister so it was a family affair. Quite a bundle of money in that little three horse trailer. She made a seperate trip to get the x-racer cause she wasn't sure how'd she'd do and didn't want her hurting the rest of them. They were finishing up the very last of the fence while she was driving home with the horses. All settled in well.
Still no cantering for me. I think it might be easier on my back. But I'm glad you are! And on a Lusitano, that must be a nice ride!
Three of the four spots are already filled at the barn and we have a winter return coming back. But we may take in two more then we've had.
Did I say that I'm going to the Parelli Celebration in Florida. That always inspires me to be more progressive.
I must take off now.
Keep Horsen Around!
At 12:50pm on September 17, 2009, Shirley said…

Kelly!!! Good to hear from you again. I hope you got to do lots of fun things with your extended stay guests.
Sorry to hear 'The Big Black' is having problems. Do you think he could be mad at you for being gone so long? Is his owner able to spend more time with him now that you are back so you will be able to start riding him soon? I hope your time schedule will allow you to spend lots of ground time with him.
If you want to participate in an active group on Barnmice, the one called "Am I an old fuddy duddy or something like that is interesting and often entertaining. There is lots of disagreement and everyone is trying to be polite about the differences in opinion. We aren't always successful and that's when it gets rather entertaining. Then there is another group about horse mentors, should you choose one or more and who do different people like. That sure jumped around and again folks get a bit testy and critical and defensive. Personally I'm finding it a great way to expand my ability to express my opinions even when I know they will be ridiculed and disagreed with. That is big for me! I'm liking being more outspoken....finally at my age! Better late then never.!!
The horses I had mentioned to you that I was given permission to play with are leaving the end of this month to their very own home. Their mom has just 16 days to get the fence up. The four stalls are spoken for as of Oct. 1 so they gotta be gone from my barn.
Between my cold and then the injuries from the fall, I did not get to play with them near as much as I'd hoped. The Morgan mom was supposed to be sold but at the very last minute before money was to change hands, the horse spooked on a lone trail ride and dumped her new rider.Right after she came up lame with a abscess so the expectant buyer backed out. Fortunately the owner didn't really care if she sold or not. Owner and potential buyer are friends. The owner doesn't really want to sell the mare unless it is to someone that just absolutely loves her and thinks she is great. That was originally the feelings till the two issues came up. I'm sure she thought it was a bad omen telling her to not do it. She has a different horse coming this week-end that she's very excited about. She's getting a young small QH instead of a mid-age large Morgan.
Anyway, so when you take lessons now will be riding different horses?
I'm happy with my lessons. I've had two now since my fall. We are working on consistently moving forward instead of stopping whenever he feels like it and increasing the pace of his walk and decreasing the pace of his trot & all that is going good. I've also on my own been trying to get him to back up faster. I think that takes a bit of trust in me on Cash's part.
I've got to get some pics of the 4 horses that are leaving.
Cash has bulked up this summer. I don't know if he's 'just' muscling up or if he's putting on more weight. I don't want him to get any heavier.
It is cooling here in Michigan. It was 50 F when I got up at 9:00. At 1:00 it is 63. I hope to get in a good amount of time riding this afternoon.
Gotta run. Gotta get some vacation reservations made.
Keep in touch!
At 12:44am on September 6, 2009, Shirley said…

Still Green! How are you doing? It's been too long since we've touched base. Are things okay with you? I hope so. I have healed and am riding again. We are having a late warm period here so I'm not getting in much time in the saddle as I'd like. It is just hot and humid enough to make me feel whipped. The mosquitos are horrible. Every night I come home with more bites.Getting bit in the indoor arena too but outside is miserable so I have been coming in. I don't even like leaving Cash out to graze. The picture is just a couple weeks old. The barn manager wants Cash to come in a little before the rest of his pasture buddies cause he keeps getting all excited and running around which gets all the pastures running around so then they come in hot sweaty and full of it. I'm glad, I'd just as soon have them come in a little earlier.
Hope to hear from you soon and that everything is okay with you.
At 2:28am on August 1, 2009, Shirley said…
Darn that ground is hard!

I think Cash spooked?? He went right, I went left and down.

I went to ER. He stayed at the barn.

He did stay at my side till they moved him to help me get up.

I am sore and bruised but not broken.

He seemed glad to see me when I came to let him see I was okay

and get some bug spray on him and a few kisses. He nickered as he hurried to the gate!

The leader of his pasture was taken down last week and on solitaire rest now

with a very damaged muscle on his hip. Actually knocked the old guy off his back feet

and they had to pull him back up with Bionic woman power.

Can't wait till I'm able to hop on that nice copper back again.

Vicodin certainly makes the world a better place ....
At 3:54pm on July 20, 2009, Shirley said…

At 3:51pm on July 20, 2009, Shirley said…
Continued. ...I figured I'd send that much before it disapeared never to be found again.
If you get a chance, look at some of the information on the wild horse progress. There is a bill that in the works that is trying to put the mustangs back where they were 30 years ago. They have been running them off and taking them off their land for that long and many horses have been killed in the process. There have been big threats in the works by some of the government agencies that looked like the mustangs were going to be even further reduced in numbers and amount of land they could be on. I'm very glad to see things looking like there may very well be an improvement soon. The bill has passed the house and will soon be on to the Senate for their vote. It is just amazing what has been going on in the west by the very organizaton that is suppose to be protecting them It's really horrible. I so hope a good change is in the near future.
Anyway, please drop a note when you can and fill me in on your horsey goings on. Giddy-up Girl!
At 3:44pm on July 20, 2009, Shirley said…
Okay now I have written three messages that have gone poof and disapeared.
Cash and I are doing well. We did ride outside of the ring and he's more feisty and that will help me learn to be a stronger, more active partner for him. He was very good but turns into a "go" horse that I am not used to. It's all cool!
I hope you enjoy your guests and make some nice memories to put away in your memory file. I don't do well with guests staying right with us. I get over stimulated and very uncomfortable. It's kinds sad really cause I miss out on alot of good times.
Things are going well with my two new equine friends. They are very different from each other and even more different then my Cash. The Fresian is strong willed and can be quit intimidating but so far I have held my own and gotten her to do what I ask even though her initial reaction is "make me" I made her but didn't feel too confident about it. I hope next time she will remember and be nicer about it all but I don't see that as being her character till I prove myself to her to be a strong leader. There's a challenge! The yearling is easier and I have spent more time with him. So far he's much more comfortable with me in his stall with him and me with a brush in hand and useing it all over him and then the spray bottles with just water. I have never been with a horse that was scared of all those normal things but my Parelli training gives lots of help with that kind of stuff too and I am vrey much enjoying the progress that's being made. He's getting much braver. He's very curious and I allow that behaviour so that's fun for us too. He's starting to like me. Can't say that for the Fresian but I'm not discouraged cause I've had such little time with her. It has taken three weeks to start feeling myself at all and I'm still not totally over the cold thing.
I hpe yu get to spend more time with your horse then you originally expected.
At 3:15am on July 19, 2009, Shirley said…
HI Kelly! I just realize....Kelly Green! Need some sleep. I jsut spent an hour writing you and answering the questions yoiu put in your last note to me and I hit the wrong key and poof!! It was all gone. And I was just signing off too. I was actually checking for typos. How disappointing.But I'll have to try again tomorrow. 3:15 is a bit late to start over again.
Take care and enjoy!
HOpe you are doing okay with your long term guests. Wow!! Eight weeks!! I hope they end up being nice and fun.
Take care!
At 11:42pm on July 5, 2009, Shirley said…

At 11:35pm on July 5, 2009, Shirley said…

HI Kelly! I sent you that long message last Tues. and I was all excited about all I was looking forward to doing and this nasty bug worked it's way into my little body and stole my energy. From what I hear, I'm not alone, many have been his victim. Sooo all kidding aside I've been pretty whipped. I did groom the Friesian one night so we could get a little acquainted. The next night I worked with the yearling just rubbing on him and desensitizing him to being sprayed with bug-sprays. I just used water so I could spray very freely. His mom told me he'll rear/rare?? up at the spray bottle. I was able to get it on his front shoulders, neck, and chest with a great attitude from him so I called that good two different nights. I did ride inside one evening several days ago as the temp was just cooling and it felt so good. I didn't get home till 10:30 that night and didn't want to quit then. Friday night I was just really missing playing with Cash so I went to tell him HI and fix him baggies. Two hours later I was coming home. We played off line and had much fun. Cash was in a very cooperative mood and did all our stuff in a soft and easy manner and then would just come over and get a carrot bit and it was just pleasant. One of those times when it feels like they really do like you too. Made me feel better.
I'm hearing if this cold thing doesn't go into complications that it's lasting about 10 days so I'm hoping each day now will keep getting a little better and then maybe by Thursday or Friday I might feel lots better. HOPE HOPE HOPE A girl can always have HOPE. Right?

Did you make it to the clinic you'd talked about?
The picture is of grape vines at a winery in Traverse City, Michigan. They are covered with this fine meshing to keep the birds from eating them. It was very beautiful. People can bring their horses here to board while they are traveling. I'll send another pic of the hotel area, This is called Black Star Farm. I joined their wine club so I get a couple of bottles of wine from them 4 times a year and sometimes they ship the members bottles of wine that were from small batches so they sell out very quickly. So far I have gotten one like that and it was fabulous.
Looking forward to hearing about a good horse day from you! Shirley
At 12:56pm on June 30, 2009, Shirley said…
Hi Kelly!
I thought I'd replied to your last message but there is no evidence of that so something didn't go as I'd expected. May just be a malfunction in my brain file. But, I'm too young for that!!!!! Not so!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway....How are things going?
I see from Amanda's note to you that you went to a clinic. Love to hear all about that. Did you ride or observe? Did you take the big black handsome fella? What new stuff did you learn?
I think the last I wrote we were getting a new TB, Promise. She has a new name Demi. Fits her better then Promise did. She settled in pretty easily but it could have been better....or alot worse. The first night we wondered if she was going to be a weaver but after three or four nights she quit pacing at the front of her stall so that ended up not being an issue. The second day she got kicked just right on her upper leg and had to get it all cleaned out and a few stitches. Then they noticed that the stress was causing her to tie up...hold her stomach like she was cramping/ they put her on pain med for the leg and Ulcer Guard to help her tummy. After that everything just got better each day till she seems fine. She is a little buddy sour with one of the mares in her pasture. I think that will improve when her new owner can spend more time with her. The owner was sort of in remission from some on-going health issues and it appears all the commotion took a toll on her cause she is not feeling well again. She is the same lady with the 4 yr. old half Friesian and a yearling that is Morgan/Warm-blood. i asked and she gave me permission to play with both of them and to ride another horse of hers but for now I just want to work with the first two on the ground. The one she said I could ride is the momma of the other two and is Morgan. There is a couple other people paying some attention to her so for now I'll not do that unless I just take a ride on her to get the feel of another horse besides Cash. I think that's interesting, fun and good for me. I've waited over a week to do anything cause I kinda wanted her to be there the first couple of times I did anything with them just so she could give me some information on them but she just isn't making it to the barn much and when she has made it out she's been tired and not able to stay long. I hope she adjusts and the 4 horses aren't too much for her. She has a full time job too so that is alot of horses needing her time. She may lease out the momma to a gal at our barn.
There is an exercise that Parelli teaches that is interesting. It really helps with gaining a good seat and more confidence.. They have you saddle-up and hop on as normal and then cue the horse to go but let him go where he wants to go but just keep moving. They have you start out at a walk. If the horse starts going to fast they have you stop them with the one rein stop. So you learn how to do that safety move which is an important thing to know. Then when the rider feels good about that they have you do it at the trot. And stay at the walk as long as you need to. don't go on to the trot till the walk feels safe and comfortable. It is good at building a good seat and keeping your seat in transitions. I need to do that more at the trot. It's too easy to forget about this kind of basic stuff that really makes us sound riders and then go on to regular riding. As long as things go smoothly that is fine but we need to know how to respond when things don't go so smoothly. And once you feel it and know you can handle it our confidence blossoms. I'm really kinda sharing as I'm thinking on the cues cause I should do more of this. I have used the one rein stop a couple of times when Cash got excited and said "oh boy! Let's go!!" He wasn't spooked or being naughty, he just seemed to think I was ready and he wanted to. I do ride with a loose rein alot which is what we need to do with this exercise if it is going to really work the way it's suppose to.
I'm hoping to ride Cash around the barn-yard or just outside the outdoor arena later today. I think/hope it is time to start being a little adventurous and spread our wings. Cash has been waiting for this for such a long time. But I had to be ready too cause I know there will be new experiences facing him/us and I need to be a brave leader to keep him feeling safe when he does encounter something threatening to him. Like a new cow at the neighbors or spooking a deer up on the lane or a newly placed haywagon with a bright orange tarp swaying with the wind or a turkey flying up. Those are things that I know we;ll encounter and then there is always the unexpected.
Hope to hear some horsie adventure from you soon.
At 9:13am on June 30, 2009, Amanda Burden said…
Hi Kelly..I knew you would love Frank and his clinic. Frank does a lot longing and fast work. It seems that once you "let go" and relax..ones balance improves and any fears of staying put on your horse (for whatever reason) are lifted (if speed in itself is fearful..or the percieved lack of control under certain circumstances). You get the "raw" side of one's seat by riding "by the seat of your pants...correctly) ...then it's back to complete control and finesse. I rember one time he sent me off at an energetic canter around the arena with out my reins until I relaxed and stayed stuck to the saddle and when I could breathe again..ha ha (he had the longe whip.)...he then said "Amanda would you like to stop now?" I said "yes"...he said.."well now take a deep breathe, sit deeper...pull your shoulders back"..I did..the stallion stopped perfectly on a dime!!!! He never approaches teaching you you don't know 'cos you have never done that before.....he can throw you into a class that is doing a half pass (and the others and the horses know how)..and soon if you get the aids can do it !!! Glad you had fun!!!
At 10:17pm on June 27, 2009, Barbara Sky Horse said…
HelloOOOooo There!!
I see You've joined the "Rusty Riders"
Very Glad to have you as a member of the group!!
~ Barby
At 8:11pm on June 18, 2009, Cheyenne Billy said…
your horse looks realy preety:)!
At 9:50am on June 18, 2009, Amanda Burden said…
Hi Kelly,
Is that your big black beast? He/she is really nice. Is he/she a Friesen, Canadian???... Got pics of you astride. Amanda
At 12:01am on June 17, 2009, Amanda Burden said…
Hi Kelly. Frank Grelo is a super fellow. He was taught in the past by the famous (now deceased) Nuno Oliveira in Classical Dressage. If he coming to your stable..please take advantage and join in. Frank will teach any rider of any level. The way that we improve and learn is by taking each step...whether as a spectator and/or participant. We are all green till we take the steps to improve and succeed in each stage. Then we in turn help the new "greenies". Where is your barn and when is Frank visiting?
At 4:21am on June 11, 2009, Courtney.M said…
hey Still green

oh now i understand..
yea my mum is like that she is getting used to riding again coz she had a really bad was a TB we were riding along a dirt road and he got spooked and reard and mum fell off back wards and she hurt her head and nearly broke her neck sooo yea..
Oh my experience..well i have been riding since i was 3 or 4 and now 11 turning 12 in August and i am starting jumping..but i used to jump at sshows and stuff luke that but then we moved and i quit so now i am getting back into it. but i need to get my confidence back up on jumping...

ourtney xxx
At 3:35am on June 10, 2009, Courtney.M said…
nice horse down a bit..

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