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At 9:00am on January 9, 2013, Gary Glaser said…

I came across your page , and if you would like to try something different with your horse or any member of your stable I wanted to introduce myself and my hobby. My name is Gary Glaser and I am the mounted commander of the 9th New York Cavalry and live in Binbrook, Ont. I belong to a group of equine enthusiasts that enjoy living historians and American civil war, we are the 9th NY cavalry. The Ninth New York Cavalry has been reactivated by ain the portrayal of the life of the Federal Horse Soldier. As a group, we participate in living history encampments, re-enactments, and giving informative lectures throughout the year in both Ontario and the U.S. Visit use on the web .

I would like to forward you 2 you tube sites dealing with Civil War re enacting, , the first is well put together, and it is from this past year at a large event in Gettysburg, unfortunately none of our members were at this event, but do know a large number of the riders. The second one is a smaller event held at Upper Canada village, the 9th was the mounted cav. at this event, and this would be a typical small event . If you have any one in your stable that would interest in becoming involved in our group , do not hesitate to contact me at . We are not a stable and are not associated with any stable. We are a not for profit group. Thank You Gary Glaser

At 9:26pm on October 22, 2012, Amanda Burden said…

Hi....I used to help with the SB's for a friend/trainer, as an occassional groom. I do not own a SB..but they are really nice horses and quite versatile.....:-)


At 8:00am on September 19, 2012, Gavin Kearney said…

Tiocfaidh Ar La! Lol Love it!!

Hi Debra,

Its nice to meet you, and thanks for the message. I am from a place called Downpatrick in Co Down. I was in Letterkenny in May for a friend’s wedding and took my Canadian buddy home with me too, he’s a bit of a cowboy so he was fitting in well around Donegal lol

I have been competing for years doing some eventing, working hunter, show jumping, hunting and tatrathlon (running, swimming, shooting and xcountry) The last time I was competing was in May of this year on my 17’3 German warm blood Rocky (I think I have a photo of him up) at home. In Canada I am training a few youngsters and riding western at my friends place, I am just so lucky to be able to have the chance to ride at all and very grateful to my good friend Joe. I have had a few driving horses at home, my brother and father were pretty big into it and my brother has a driving pony which he is breaking in. Anyways that’s enough rambling from me. Hope you well, Go mbeannaí Dia duit agus slan leat.



At 10:06pm on May 27, 2012, Coopersmom_1958 said…

Thanks for the friends add! You have some very gorgeous boys! Thanks for the comment, Cooper is a very good natured guy, a little pushy at times, green owners fault, I am learning everyday.

At 3:31am on March 6, 2012, Cayla Cockerill said…

hey there,

thank you so much for you comment, yea hes ok we had to sell him last year my parents didnt tell me until the deal was done because she knew it would break my heart. At the time we couldnt have him any more as we kept him at a friends place who put the lease up higher and we couldnt affored to keep him any more and at that time we lived in palm beach with no land. We now live on 3 and a half acres and we are now owning two miniature 6 months old fillies, my sister billie has got an piebaled and i have a palomino paint :D there both very stunning and adorable, Benny meant to world to me and it really did leave a hole in my heart i stayed in my bed in my room for a week just crying as he really was my life and the only thing i could live for, in stead of getting a horse again and keeping it close by i got a little maltise x pomaramian male puppy called Harley :D He is very speacil to me and he now make me extreamly happy but now im going to be very busy haha looking after a puppy and my sister filly at 7-8 months and mine 6 months :O lol as i said thank you very much for asking if every thing is ok, im very happy now and i am enjoying every second woth my puppy :)

How are you and your horses going??



At 1:03am on November 12, 2011, Janie Raven said…

Ben our STB is mainly a trail horse for my husband and a companion and friend to Mercury and I call him my family pet as I groom him and spend time with him just don't ride him much as most of my training time is spent on Mercury.

At 1:54pm on August 28, 2011, Jackie Cochran said…
I'm Glad Tattoo recovered from his mishap at the start.  It sure sounds like this horse has HEART!!!
At 11:34am on April 9, 2011, Lucy said…

Hi Debra
Just saw your message- I purchased my standardbred from a summer camp that was looking for him to go to a farm where he would either be an only horse or with a smaller group as he has trouble getting along with other horses and usually ends up getting picked on.  I was looking for a horse that might get along with the cows and so far it has worked out perfectly.

The woman I bought him from received him from his original owners who had raced him. He injured his suspensory ligament and therefore was unfit to race so after about a year of recovery time they gave him to her to turn him into a riding horse (very responsible owners).

He is fits in nicely having no other horses around and just adores the cows. And yes we do have lots of fun together.
was looking at your pics and your standardbred is quite the looker- and very friendly looking guy.

At 11:09pm on March 15, 2011, Amberr Brook said…
Hey, No hes not i was leasing him for a bit. And thanks shes part Lab, golden retriever, german sheperd and bermese mountain dog :p
At 7:23pm on October 26, 2010, Connie Breedveld said…
Hi Deb,
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner,but been busy at work!You know when you are a horse person there is no 9 to 5!
Thanks for your message.Well I knew Hill Top Farm well and didn't know the Towers that well,but know who they are!I was at the farm {forget what it is called now{!not too long ago.Was watching a friend ride in a schooling show there.I am sorry,but don't know what happened to the Towers ect.,but on my next day off I will go to the farm and try to find out what I can and get back to you,ok?
Your colt Che is gorgeous!Hope you don't mind my looking at your photos?I am familiar with Che's breeding.I hope he will recover from his breathing problem and foot problems and goes on for you and races.Good luck!
The farm I work at,My boss has a 2 year old Cam Luck colt who is showing a lot of promise.Any Messages is a great colt,very laid back and him and I have a deep bond as I was there when he was born!
Well Deb,I wish you well with your horses and I will see what I can find out about the towersWould you mind if I friend you?Sounds like we have quite a bit in common!/Till next time,take care & a pat for Che! Connie
At 1:36pm on October 20, 2010, Elizabeth Irwin said…
Thank you. I love him but i am actually not a fan of a lot of chestnuts.. just depends on the type of red they are. Very beautiful horses in your above slideshow
At 7:27pm on October 19, 2010, brigit kavanagh said…
Hi Debra, I don't have my own horse yet! Just took up riding last Feb when I turnesd 50. I have always wanted to ride & just didn't have the time needed to devote to lessons... & there were really no barns etc.. nearby when I was growing up in Buf,NY. I now live in an area where there are plenty of places to ride so I decided before I got any older I'd better do it now. I will be leasing a horse & if all goes well then I will buy one. Nice to meet you!
At 1:40pm on October 18, 2010, Cynthia Barbas said…
Hi Debra,

Thanks very much, her name is Netherbrook Dawn, aka Joules. We worked hard on that costume and my daughter received second place at the fair. She is a lovely welsh pony who puts up with a lot every year when it is costume class time. God bless her.

Thanks for the comments
At 10:57am on August 13, 2010, Shimmer E said…
You have a very lovely boy! I hope you get years and years of enjoyment with him. He's sure put together nicely. I bet he's going to do great in english competition. Congrats!
At 11:47am on May 22, 2010, John Freeman said…
Hi Debra,
Well, I certainly hope you are correct about Zuckie's hardiness. I think he probably is a toughie. He has a stall but was outside almost all winter with no blanket. he seems to prefer it that way. So, of course, he was a bear and is slow to lose the last of it.
Thanks for the information regarding cryo vs. pin firing. I'd love to think that he was treated better than pin firing. As I suspect you can tell, he's very dear to my heart. I'll try to get his tail out of the way and take another picture when the hair finally goes.
At 12:25pm on May 18, 2010, John Freeman said…
Hi Debra,
here's a picture of Zuckie's hock area. I doubt that you can see much. It's not that good a picture and he still has some residual winter hair hiding things.
I was concerned about this before I was told that he was always the last to shed out at his former home, and he wasn't blanketed this winter so he was very bear-like and had further to go than some of the other horses on the property.

At 6:32am on May 18, 2010, John Freeman said…
Maybe I'll try a photograph of the area and you can see if it's pin fired or cryoed. Not that it really makes a difference as he is sound and comfortable. The white hairs are definitely in that curb area.
Why is that common in standardbreds? Do you know what causes it other than the obvious stress of racing and race training. Is there something more specific.

I looked up Topnotcher and so far as I can tell, he was exported to Australia, where he became an important stud. If it's the same horse, he died just recently of a snake bite.
At 6:27pm on May 17, 2010, John Freeman said…
Maybe I'll try a photograph of the area and you can see if it's pin fired or cryoed. Not that it really makes a difference as he is sound and comfortable. The white hairs are definitely in that curb area.
Why is that common in standardbreds? Do you know what causes it other than the obvious stress of racing and race training. Is there something more specific.

I looked up Topnotcher and so far as I can tell, he was exported to Australia, where he became an important stud. If it's the same horse, he died just recently of a snake bite.
At 6:44am on May 17, 2010, John Freeman said…
Hi Debra,
I don't know for sure that it's the result of pin firing I'm looking at. That's just what I was told. It's some white hairs on top of slight scars around his hock. So far, there's no sign of any lameness even when jumping. Not that we do anything very ambitious.
When he first came to me, last August, he and I were both quite out of shape. By the time we were up to jumping, the ground was starting to harden up, and we don't currently have access to an indoor. I rode him more than I dared hope during the winter, but then the footing became too icy and we had almost two months of not working. So, once again, we're in build up mode. That's fine with me. I'm in no hurry and I enjoy whatever we are able to do together.

Even the wonderful people at OSAS don't know who undertook his retraining. I do know that he was very well taken care of once he reached the home of his previous adopter, Donna, and that when he was ridden there (which wasn't a lot), he was worked correctly and that someone really put a lot of effort into getting him under himself and moving well. I'm the lucky beneficiary of all that. I believe he was in several different locations before Donna had him, so who knows.
Ultimately it doesn't matter as he and I are happy together. I was just curious.
At 4:07pm on May 16, 2010, John Freeman said…
Thank you for all this information, Debra. It's great to know more about Zuckie's history and it just makes me wonder all the more why he didn't race. He clearly was injured at some point because he was pin fired in his left hock. I don't imagine they would have done that unless they expected him to make it to the track. Or am I being naive there?
I don't often see much competitive spirit in him, although this morning was an exception. We were trotting with another horse and he was really fretful until he was allowed to get out in front.
The other information I'd love to have about Zuckie is who was responsible for his retraining as a riding horse, but no one seems to know. I'm only curious because I'd like to be able to thank them. This is not a request for you to do more research, Deb!
He's so responsive to the most subtle of aids, either he is super intelligent or someone did a very good job with him. Lucky me.

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