24-26 Horses with Problems - Boldina 7-7

In this clip the owner and co-rider of Boldina talks about their experiences with this training. They show a little of what they can do with the horse now. This is a part of a series from the film Horses with Problems by Ellen Ofstad
The first clip in the series can be seen here:
The previous clip in the series can be seen here:
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Comment by Mary Ginn on June 11, 2011 at 8:51pm

Hi Ellen,


I have a specific question about loading.  I have a mare who has in the past exhibited much of the same language as Boldina, and so I'm trying to retrain her once and for all so that she can be comfortable being trailered.  Last session, she walked right up to the trailer when I did (on a loose lead).  I praised her and gave her a treat, waited a bit, then stepped in. She thought about it, stepped in with two fores and immediately stepped back out.  I let her without putting any pressure on the lead.  Then I did that again and she kept the fores in a little longer.  Again, praise break.  Then I stepped in a bit further and she walked all the way in, sniffed around a bit, then backed out quickly.  We've done this all on a loose lead thus far.  However, even though she's more or less following me, she gets more and more agitated as we progress.  She accepts the treat with a snatch, and her body language is less and less calm.


So two questions, actually.  First of all, am I doing something wrong to make her so nervous?  Secondly, should I keep progressing a little at a time or wait for her to do this same amount with calmer language?  I've been round and round with this gal for years and I want to get it right this time.


Thanks for any help,


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