Lameness Lab #4: Is This Horse Lame? Training Your Eye to See lameness by Equine Guelph

Early detection and treatment of lameness is the best course of action to help maintain a horses' soundness throughout its lifetime.

For a review on how to determine lameness watch this video:

Understanding lameness is complex. However detecting lameness can be much easier. Here, with the help of Equine Guelph we are offering a series of videos to help you learn and understand how to identify lameness in your own horse before the vet arrives. Watch the video. Determine your answer. Then keep watching to see what the vet has to say. For more great videos check out

Equine Guelph is the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph, supported and overseen by equine industry groups, and dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses.

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