Stallion helping with training foal in sacking out

In this clip I am jumping a bit ahead in time. I still want to show the clips of his first leading lessons, but after the comments I got on some of the other clips of this foal and his upbringing with both parents, I wanted to show this clip that shows what a big part the stallion was when it came to training the little guy.

The plan in this clip was to do some leading training with the foal and teaching him not to be afraid of things like a tarp, but when Fabuloso got excited about it I changed my plan on how to do this...

When daddy shows that something is OK and cool; the foal gets convinced easily and the training happens in the most natural way; mimicking his parents.

I didn't go any further with this than what is shown in this clip, and didn't try it again until almost 6 months later. I pulled out the tarp to see what Bravo would do, and I couldn't even get it out in the field before the colt was standing on top of it; happily banging away at it with a very self satisfied look on his face.
Horses are so great!

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