After 10 years of waiting I found Che, with my family behind me, Joe, John, Ned, Mara and my parents, this has been an adventure. When Joe suprised me with t...

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Comment by Debra McDaid on April 23, 2011 at 12:13pm


Thanks, sorry for not getting  back before now, my schedule is more than crazy and I haven't been on the net even for email.  Love your site, tell me more about your current horse, do you have more or just him.  Watched his grandfather and thought he was magnificient... saw the different places you have been, wish I could go in you suitcase along for the 'ride'! lol lol


take care deb

Comment by Gaia Vincenzi on April 21, 2011 at 9:35am

Hi! what a beautiful video :)
let me know how do you think about Italian Equestrian Jump World, take a look on my blog:

leave a comment, let me know your opinion and advaces about my last national competitions and pictures
see you soon


Comment by Debra McDaid on April 9, 2011 at 1:37pm


This is my now 4 year old stb stallion Tiocfaidh Ar La (Formerly Singing Cowboy), just after we bought him my husband (Joe) suprised me with this quick video mixed of pics we took on sale day, and the yearling sale video which convinced us to buy Che of him at Winbak farm (his breeders).  My dad who was unwell at the time loved this colt on sight, and loved the Run For the Roses Song always... he cried tears of joy when he saw this video.  This song was always a favorite of my families, and so it seemed to fit.  We paid little for the quality of this colt, for a few reasons I know, and for some I'm not sure, but every day I thank whatever lucky stars there are that other people didn't want him as much as we did... he has been my greatest challenge so far, but also my greatest joy.  On the day we bought him Joe said we would have to make him our friend, in order to work with him... and we have done just that... and boy was Joe right! lol

Deb McDaid

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