This is my horse Da Plane Boss winning gate to wire on Nov. 12, 2010. We call him Tattoo, after the character on Fantasy Island. His sire's name is Island ...

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Comment by Debra McDaid on November 14, 2010 at 1:52pm
ps. that should have been driver... not drive, and when I said he did, that was that he hit the saddle pad... proofreading should be done when I'm not trying to get out the door for work!!! lol
Comment by Debra McDaid on November 14, 2010 at 1:50pm
This is my horse wining the other night, the drive is under strict instructions not to hit the horse, so I think he was more than shocked when he said even in the stretch... and we said noplace! So he said the saddle pad??? we said no problem, chase him, but don't hit him... so he did, I think it is hard for stb people to comprehend NOT hitting horses, but maybe we can start with one driver.... and make a small difference... ps he should have been fined for hitting the wheel disc, but got away... lol that is us in the winner's circle... son, husband, me and my brother-in-law in blue... we won a green blanket as well... nice since our colour's are green! lol I feel vindicated on many fronts, Tattoo is a 'rescued' horse, and we have taken lots of flak of late... so it was nice to win. plus it has been 12 years since I won a race (we were out for 10... and just started back a couple of months ago actually racing)... also it was my first win as a trainer (licensed that is... we all took part in training the horses... just too expensive to all be licensed as the trainer of record.) it was a great day, and nice to see the little horse win, he has helped pay a lot of bills!!!!

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