Sometimes it is not the horse, but the horsepower that is a real danger on the farm or around the barn.

In 2010 alone, There were 22 work related deaths on Alberta farms in that year. Of the 22 fatalities, 19 were males, 12 were 60 or over, and 3 were children. Four incidents were electrocutions, and another four involved either baling or moving bales.  This number doesn't even come close to the number of work related injuries.   Do we take too much for granted? 

How much training is given regarding the safe operation of farm machinery, tractors, gators and balers?

How often do we hear..."you ever ridden one of those before?" (Points to tractor)  Good enough.

When farming please follow these precautions issued by the government of Alberta$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/aet13527 in order to keep yourself, your family and your workers safe.  Please don't end up on a list like this one:

Thanks to the Government of Alberta – Agriculture & Rural Development for this information.

  Date Age Sex Cause Comments
1 March 3 37 Male Auger Victim was removing grain auger from bin, auger came into contact with a power line and victim was electrocuted.
2 March 4 48 Male Unknown complications Victim was injured in a farming incident in 1988.
3 March 4 78 Male Crushed, asphyxia Victim was removing large round bales off stack. As he removed one bale, the next bale fell onto him.
4 April 7 2 Female Drowned Victim was found several feet from shore in a steeply banked dugout.
5 April 13 75 Female Runover, severe chest and abdominal trauma Victim was leaving a quonset when she was runover by a semi-trailer.
6 May 20 12 Female Fall, multiple blunt trauma Victim was trick riding on a horse when she fell and was dragged around the corral several times.
7 May 26 30 Male Electrocution Sprayer boom was lifted and came in contact with overhead wires. Victim was electrocuted as he exited equipment.
8 May 30 62 Male Crushed, multiple blunt force injuries Victim was lifting a large steel pipe with a manual hoist when it fell, hitting his head.
9 July 3 63 Male Crushed, blunt injury to chest Pinned between cab and bucket of mechanically unsafe bobcat.
10 July 22 22 Male Lightning strike Victim was fencing prior to a storm. Victim was leaving area when he was struck by lightning.
11 July 26 64 Male Motor vehicle collision Victim was driving a tractor with attached haybine on the highway when he was hit from behind by a semi-trailer.
12 August 9 73 Male Entanglement, multiple trauma Victim was baling and became entangled in the baler.
13 August 12 12 Male Crushed Victim was found pinned under the shop door.
14 August 25 67 Male Runover Victim found in a field by witnesses who observed a tractor moving without a driver. It appears the victim had dismounted the tractor and been run over and dragged by the baler after failing to put the tractor in neutral.
15 October 8 76 Male Asphyxiation Tractor that victim was operating caught on fire.
16 October 14 56 Male Blunt cranial trauma Victim had been baling, died later of a closed head injury, circumstances unknown.
17 October 17 74 Male Chest trauma Hit in chest by gas cap which coworker was cutting off a gas tank with a torch.
18 November 6 23 Male Blunt force trauma to chest Victim was working on hydraulic system of a skid-steer digger when the hydraulics failed and the victim was pinned between digger arm and body of the machine.
19 November 18 61 Male Unknown Victim was found near steel gate after herding buffalo. Possible head injury.
20 December 3 62 Male Electrocution Was moving a grain auger with the help of another male when it collided with the overhead power lines.
21 December 3 54 Male Electrocution Was moving a grain auger with the help of another male when it collided with the overhead power lines.
22 December 24 69 Male Crushed Victim was chased by a bull and pinned against a gate.

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