I have had my mare for three months now and she has been perfectly fine; but recently she started refusing to walk up to the mounting block. Today, she would randomly refuse to walk on at all, even after I got on, and when I asked her to trot she would put her ears flat back. This behaviour is not like her at all, and shes not in heat and I have had her checked out by several professionals and she doesn't have any pain any where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I apologize if i have been rude to those people who are kind and giving me suggestions, I was not clear enough at first that I have had her checked for pain, and I doesn't seem to be a factor. I really dont want to be one of those people who wont take advice when they've asked for it. I was also wondering if she has gone barn sour, which would also be strange, and if she has, how I could fix that ?? 

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Have you considered gastric ulcers? They are more common than you think.
good advice Barbara, even with my horses mouth ulcer, ulcers can be masked away..I don't believe in putting another pad on a bad fitting saddle, but I am done with giving advice.
i dont believe in using pads to fix a porly fitting saddle either, but if the saddle appears to fit, wouldn't a pad just help make things more comfortable for the horse?? i am really not sure about this its just an idea i got from some people so if i am completely wrong please let me know. I will find out if she has a stomach ulcer also, there is a horse at our barn who has one, although it does not bother her.
Gastric ulcers-- stomach trouble can cause a balky horse... this is a fact. I have seen this on more than one occasion. Very good advice.
i have heard of gastric ulcers, a mare at my barn has one but is completely un-bothered by it, although i guess that is not always the case. I will find out if she does have a stomach ulcer.
It is possible, try alternating your method of mounting, get a leg up or perhaps put the block somewhere else. Try carrying a bit of feed, or treats in your pocket and give them to her when she least expects it. It is possible that she dosen't understand something you are trying to teach her so she has become resentful of the entire process of being ridden, some can be smart enough that they get to know that the whole riding 'thing' starts from when you get on! I have trained many school horses (retrained them as well) for riding schools, and often just 'sweetening them up-- not asking more than they understand and are willing to give, and a slow progression of taking each learning step task by task-- often helps. Stay positive, and go with the approach that you get 'more flies with honey than vinegar'. If she does the least little thing right-- or not wrong-- than praise her... after a bit she will sweeten up.. I too think that it sounds like an attitude problem and not a health issue. My current horse is a very rough, sod of a stud that would make most pull out their hair, I have had some (experienced and light handed people) tell me that they would have hit him over the head with a shovel if they owned him... yet with time he has become nicer each day... patients really does work. We have always taken our time and never lost our cool, just kindness and an expectaion of respect and good behaviour on his part.

She sounds like she is refusing in general and in particular at the block and at the start of your ride... if she won't go forward, just wait her out, or circle her, go a different direction than she refuses to go, but take your time when you do this first just wait her out, see if she will get board of standing in one place... or mount her facing the wall and then wait, for a long period, then ask her to turn away from the wall, if she turns herself and starts to walk let her and praise the heck out of her. Anway.

good luck and take care.
thank you, i will try what you suggested, i am really hoping that it is not pain related because if it is it appears that it will be hard to find.


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