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Barnmice is ten years old this year, and is still galloping! It's members like you who contribute fascinating blog posts, news stories, videos, photos, and much more who keep Barnmice such an active and engaging community of horse people worldwide!

Are you curious how you can become involved and connect with even more horse lovers? Here are some simple tips and tricks to enjoying Barnmice to the fullest!

1. Uploading content: Did you know you can upload photos and videos straight to your Barnmice profile for anyone to see? Your uploaded content can be seen by other members of the community, and they can "like," share, and leave comments for you! Try visiting your member profile to upload photos, and check out the "Videos" section to upload or even embed videos from other websites! You can also personalize your member profile with information about yourself, your animals, and even your own website. Check out the many ways you can personalize your member profile by uploading and updating your own content.

2. Blogging: Barnmice has several equestrian professionals who post their very own blogs, including Julie Goodnight, Jane Savoie, and many more. You can write your own blog posts in the "Blogs" section, and share your thoughts with the rest of the community. Ever considered keeping a riding journal? Barnmice blogs are a perfect place to write your thoughts and share with the rest of the community!

3. Groups: There are over 460 active groups on Barnmice, ranging from Equestrian News to Mare Stare viewers, and even "Just Talk About It" groups! Joining groups is simple, and you can quickly and easily begin discussing the hottest topics with other members of the group! You can even start your own group and get other people talking about the equestrian subjects that are important to you!

4. Forums: With our recently updated forum format, you can now easily post new topics and search for old topics in many various categories. Replying to posts by other members is easier than ever with our new format, and interesting new discussions are posted constantly.

5. Advertising: Any member of the Barnmice community can post classifieds and event advertisements for free! You can post an advertisement easily by visiting the "Classifieds" section, and starting a new topic using the "Add" button. You can upload images to your advertisement and even post it to Twitter right from the Barnmice web page. You can also browse classified ads. You may just find your next best friend on Barnmice Classifieds! (Members looking to have an advertisement banner placed on the Barnmice page can easily send an e-mail to admin@barnmice.com, and more information is available under the "Advertise" section of Barnmice.)

With so many more things to do than these few mentioned, and so many members to interact with on Barnmice, you are sure to find the equestrian social connections you crave!

Here are some Site Tips to get you started, happy riding!

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