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The Decision

I have left everyone hanging. A lot has happened with the MerryLegs saga, and I posted it on my Blogger Blog, but not here.  I will get you all up to date.

The Decision

There was no way I could get back on MerryLegs’—the fear was too much, so I realized I had to get help. There is a very good trainer who works at the stables next to us. I contacted her, explained my situation and she agreed to help.

The big day came. It was 3 weeks after the…


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Packing Up My Horse Books

Packing Up My Horse Books     

Some big changes are coming into my life.  In two weeks I will have my first dose of the hopefully better MS drug, Gilenya, requiring a 6 hour stay at a cardiologist for my first dose.  I have such big hopes of how this new drug could affect my riding.  Will I have more energy?  Better balance?  Better coordination and timing?  Will I be able to “feel” the horse better?  Will the horses like me riding them better?  Only time will tell, of…


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Best ever Marketing TIp for Equine Businesses

FREE Marketing action that really works!!

It works because it’s FREE

That “Free” word really grabs our attention – that is because we all like to get something for nothing.

It is a universal fact of life – no exceptions.

So how can Equine Business owners use that knowledge to their advantage and ultimately increase their customer base and bottom line?

Good question  - I am glad you asked.

You are going to give something away to…


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The Beauty of Beekman

Working with horses is the best medicine around. It has been proven that horses really do help to soothe those who are anxious or stressed. Their heart can help to…


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Considerations When Building a Breeding Barn

ING_19067_00552 (1)

When you’re building a breeding barn, careful consideration needs to go into every element of that barn! From the barn layout to the components that you put into it, the safety of your mares, stallions, and foals depends on your vigilance during the build. Consider these points when building your breeding…


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Your Horse is NOT Your Therapist.

There’s a cartoon of a roadside stand with a horse inside. The sign says, “Therapy.” We all smile because we’re reminded of that saying about a horse being cheaper than a therapist. I’m not sure that’s true, but after a day of dealing with traffic,…


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Designing Your Barn to Make Hay Deliveries Easy


When you own a barn full of horses, hay deliveries are an essential part of life. No one enjoys hay deliveries – they’re tiring and often difficult – but you can build your barn to help make hay deliveries easier! Here are some tips to make sure that hay deliveries run smoothly.

Position the Barn So the…


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Common Barn Layouts to Consider

Center Path Through Horse Paddock Equestrian Ranch Stable

Are you trying to plan out your dream barn, but are running short on ideas? Not sure of what type of layout to use for your custom barn? No problem. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of barn layouts so that you can find the layout that is just right for your barn!

Shed Row…


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This Trainer's Crowning Glorry -The Ruby in My Crown

Just posted the first part of my new blog series.  The trials and trip ups of a trainer with the best intentions.…


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Precautions to Take During Hunting Season

Sunset in mountains nature background. Horses silhouette at haze

With the fall’s beautiful weather comes hunting season. Whether you’re heading out for a trail ride or turning your horses out in a pasture adjoining the woods, you need to be aware of the hunting seasons and take a few precautions. Here are some tips to help keep you and your horses safe!



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Dirty Dancing(Dressage)


The Dirty Dancing known as Dressage~

Dressage was always a beautiful thing to witness, for those involved in the world of horses and even for those uninvolved in the world of horses. It was a discipline that captured grace and beauty and shared it in the most precious of ways. The…


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Dr. Rob Van Wessum

I'll be shadowing him soon enough, just figured I'd share a bit about him. If anyone is familiar with who he is please comment on what you know about him!


Dr. Rob van Wessum, a native of the Netherlands,  received his veterinary degree from Utrecht University in 1991. He spent the next five years as an equine practitioner in a private practice in Weesp.

In 1996, Dr. van Wessum began his own equine lameness clinic specializing in in-depth diagnostics for…


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The Drought is Over--At Least for Now

The Drought is Over—At Least for Now

And all this rain is messing up my riding.

We were in a drought this summer, getting just enough rain to keep the grass growing somewhat and keep some of the crops from dying, but the ponds, lakes, streams and rivers were down several inches. Our local river, the Rocky River, lived up to…


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5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Horse Blankets

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Horse Blankets

It’s hard to believe it, but blanketing season is upon us yet again! Quality horse blankets can be expensive, so it’s important to make them last as long as possible. Here are some great tips to help prolong the life of your horse blankets.

Clean Blankets Every Year

Make sure that all of…


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Anthropomorphic Thoughts About Spaying Mares.

He said we don’t need to import sport horses; we have great horses right here; we’re under-using great mares. More people should consider spaying mares and competing them. I read this in an article a year ago, written by a respected equestrian, and I’ve…


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Should You Take a Break from Riding?

Sunset in mountains nature background. Horses silhouette at haze

At some point in their riding careers, many people wonder whether they should give riding a break. Maybe your life outside of the barn has gotten too busy, or maybe you don’t find the same enjoyment in riding that you once did. But should you take a break from riding?

Return to Riding…


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What You Should Look for in Your Horse's Hay


Hay is the basis of your horse’s diet, but do you know what to look for when you’re evaluating your horse’s hay? Here are some characteristics to consider.

Color and Feel

When you’re evaluating your hay, take note of the color and feel. The hay should still have a greenish color to it, but…


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Oakley Diaries - 26: The Cha-Cha of Learning

"To an optimist, taking a step backwards after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's more like a Cha-Cha."

Seems like a great way to describe our progress, two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes two steps back.…


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Today is a Cool, Dank and Rainy Day

Today is a Cool, Dank and Rainy Day    

As was yesterday.  When I got up on Friday it was raining, with a pretty cool breeze.  I debated about going riding, after all the weather radar showed that there would be a break in the rain by the time for my ride on Mia.  But my body said NO since I had spent the earlier part of the week on multiple doctor visits trying to get ready for trying the new, to me, MS drug Gilenya, and I was feeling quite run down.  Then I thought about Mia, thirty…


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