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Design Tips for Your Horse Barn's Aisle


You and your horses spend a lot of time in and walking up and down your barn aisle. Constructed improperly, barn aisles can be a potential safety hazard. When you’re planning your barn aisle, consider the following tips to help keep both you and your horses safe.

Build Wide



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The Oakley Diaries - 24: Lightness

I've written a bit about lightness before, but "lightness" seems to be a potent trigger word that creates great emotionally charged discussion all over the 'net. Everyone seems to agree it is a Good Thing (TM) but no one can explain exactly what is meant or how to achieve it.

So this short post covers a simple, specific exercise I've found useful to convey…


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Clicker and MerryLegs


MerryLegs was only here for 2 days when we introduced him to clicker training.  I had a pocket full of carrot slivers and a ball to use as a target.  His indoctrination was the standard procedure—except none of us had a clicker with us.  Ellen and I both switched our horses to a tongue click, long ago.  I…


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Hello MerryLegs

Hello MerryLegs


MerryLegs showed up in Cleveland last Thursday after a long journey from Manitoba, Canada.  Not surprisingly, he was a little keyed up the first few days.  I planned to just give him time to settle in and for me to get to know him.  Friday evening, I took him for a walk to…


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Scams to Avoid in the Horse World


If you are involved in the horse world, eventually you will make some pretty big purchases and sales. Horses, saddles, tack… they all go for hefty amounts of money. And while most of those purchases and sales will go fine, there are, unfortunately, some common scams that circulate in the horse world that you should be aware of. Here are a few of the most common.



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Tips to Make Your Horse Trailer More Visible

man, horses and trailer

When you’re hitting the road with your horses, the more visible your horse trailer is the better chance you have of standing out to other drivers and potentially avoiding an accident. There are a number of ways you can help to make your horse trailer more visible. These tips will get you started.

Choose a…


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He Arrives

He Arrives


We thought he would be here on Tuesday, but that was changed to Wednesday because a Canadian holiday messed up their schedule.  Then, they called me and said it have to be Thursday.  There was another horse that they were shipping whose papers to get across the border expired, and they had to be renewed.  So, when Thursday arrived, I was expecting a phone call saying it would be Friday.  Well, I got the phone call, but this time they said he would be there between…


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The Long Goodbye: Meet Vinnie

It makes perfect sense to tell the story of an off-the-track Thoroughbred in the midst of the Triple Crown frenzy–with two weeks until the final race. Some of us love racing and some can’t stand to watch, but we all agree on one truth: Thoroughbred…


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How To Consign a Sale Horse

portrait of beautiful woman feeding brown horse from hand

Selling a horse can be a bit of a headache. Between marketing the horse and dealing with no-show potential buyers, selling a horse takes some serious time. But have you ever thought about consigning your sale horse? Consigning a horse removes much of the…


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He's on his way

And so, I wait.


MerryLegs is on his way, and the shipper is going to call me when he crosses the state line.  I have marshalled all the forces, and they are all waiting for the call.  This is one exciting event.


Yesterday, Kevin put a note on the bulletin board for everyone to say “hello” to MerryLegs.  Of course, there was no MerryLegs, but Kevin put an old toy horse in the stall, instead.  He tricked everyone—they loved it, but probably not as much as they…


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4 Tips for Buying a Saddle Online

Saddle Center Path Horse Paddack Equestrian Stable

When it comes to saddle shopping, many of the great deals on used saddles seem to be online. While you can successfully buy a saddle online, there is some important information that you need to know. Before you start saddle shopping, think about the following if you’re going to go the online…


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Going to get back to work with Cooper

I'ts been almost 7 months since I fell off of Cooper, October 24 2014, and stopped riding him. I even stopped doing groundwork and only went out to see him a few times a month.

My prosthetic leg was hurting all the time and I was spending so much time with a new puppy, oh and I've been having fear issues. I did get back in the saddle after the fall but that was it since then.

Also I have been wimping out since my husband started working a second job in the evenings and I just…


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It all started with Cow 39

I have loved animals since I was little. When I was five,almost six,we lived in Texas. There I was able to go to my grandparents ranch where my older brother and I would feed grasshoppers and help with cows. One cow in particular,a black angus heifer known fondly as Cow 39, was my favorite and reason behind my love for cows. 39 would rub against me like a friendly Labrador and I'd rub and love her back. She was and is my favorite girl. We moved back…


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How to Maximize Ventilation When Planning Your Barn

Good ventilation in your barn is so important for your horses’ health. With poor ventilation, mold, dust, and even manure bits can accumulate in the air that your horses breathe in. Good ventilation can help to minimize respiratory issues, keeping your horses healthier and able to improve at their full athletic capacity.

When you’re planning your barn, …


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My miniature has major behavioral problems

I have a miniature horse. She does not like to be groomed or handled, She attacks my other miniature horse and goes out of her way to hurt me. I work with her as much as I can and handle her everyday. She always has access to fresh water and feed and has a turnout pen.

She is an amazing and beautiful animal and I love her dearly. She always greets me with ears back now. She bites and kicks and rears even though I am always gentle with her and use a gentle calming hand. She can get…


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Supple at Liberty to Develop Your Ultimate Riding Horse!

I just had an incredible training session with my mare, Whimsy! What does an incredible session look like? It’s a session where you have complete connection with your horse and your horse gives everything they’ve got to practice the exercises.…


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I'm Back Up on Tercel

I’m Back Up on Tercel    

Debbie finally got back and I got to ride Tercel again.  It had been six weeks since I got up on his back and I was curious/anxious/excited to see how the long break would affect our relationship, especially since I was planning on introducing him to my ear bonnet and fly whisk.  Tercel is super happy to have Debbie back.  Wednesday the weather was wonderful, spring mornings are simply marvelous here in North Carolina, it was cool enough so I could wear my…


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The 6 Best Horse Racing Movies

Triple Crown season has begun, and horse racing is in the air. Whether you're planning to watch this year's Triple Crown races or not, you can still get in on the action in some of the greatest horse racing movies.


There's simply no beating the 2003 movie which chronicles underdog…


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How a Runaway Happens.

You know that feeling when a wreck is going to happen but you just can’t look away? It’s a magnetic, anxious feeling, followed by half-hearted guilt; time slows and it would feel better if you could laugh. It’s hoping for the best, but…


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Preparing to Build Your Horse Barn

Building the horse barn of your dreams is a big project, and to do it right, you want to make sure that you’ve planned properly. Barn building isn’t a project that you want to get deep into, only to discover new challenges or obstacles. Before you start building your barn, make sure that you’ve done the following preparation.

Check Zoning Laws

It can’t be stressed enough – check and double-check your local zoning laws before planning your…


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