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Finally back in the saddle and my adventures with the awesome vet

I'll start with my adventures with the vets yesterday then move onto today. 

As some of you may know(those who don't pay atttention!) next year I'll graduate highschool and my search for a college(it's between Findlay or MSU) to study veterinary medicine for large animals, mainly horses and cattle. Knowing this it was very important I find a veterinarian who does what I want to do to shadow. So I did. I found Dr. Esterline who works at a clinic near where I live. We…


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I Really Tried to Make My Leg Muscles Sore

I Really Tried to Make My Leg Muscles Sore

During my two rides this week I worked on my gripping muscles. Of course, before I work on my gripping muscles, I have to make sure that I do not end up squeezing myself out of the saddle. Concentrating on keeping my heels and my knees down, I did succeed at practicing gripping with my calf without ruining the basic security of my seat.

Sunday was a marvelous day to ride Cider, my only complication is that I accidentally took Mia‘s…


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5 Things Every Rider Loves and Hates About Spring

horses in field

Spring is finally here! For riders, spring means many things – some of them good, some of them not so great. Here are some of the things that we love – and hate – about spring!

Daylight Savings Time



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How to Listen to Your Horse.

I had a friend who visited my farm during my first years here. She arrived for the weekend with books and wine. We’d cook and stay up late. In the mornings we took our coffee out into the pasture, still in our flannel pajamas, and looked at wild flowers.

I’m sure I talked…


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Important Lessons You Can Learn From Horse Shows (Even if You Don't Place)

With horse show season beginning, you will likely, at some point or another, come home from a show without placing. And while it might seem like you lost out in that situation and didn’t have a…


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I have a confession to make......

I have a confession to make.....

I was feeding my horses, checking on the water, and generally mooching around the field, hanging out with them,  when suddenly my phone rang.   It was my long standing close friend and 'adopted' big brother Paul, one of the best Music Perrformance Coaches in the business.  I was delighted as it seemed such a long time since we had chatted.  Whilst we were chatting I found myself confessing something and it kind of came from…


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Gypsy Gold

It all began in 1988 with a man named Dennis Thompson on a…


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Trakehner~elegantly powerful

I believe I said I would do a write up on the Trakehner a while back. Well, here it is. Allow me to introduce you to the Trakehner, an elegant and fine breed of horse. 

In the 13th century in what was once East Prussia a horse, the Trakehner, originated. The base stock for this breed was descended from the Tarpan(another write up for another time), however in 1732 King Frederich Wilhelm I founded a stud at Trakehner to develop coach horses and later a…


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How to Choose the Right Retirement Facility for Your Horse

When your horse can no longer be ridden due to old age or injury, retirement becomes a popular option. While retiring your horse at your current barn may be impractical due to facilities, space, or boarding rates, retirement facilities offer great environments for your horse to retire in. But how do you choose the…


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Restore your Self Belief, Tip 3

Today is my Tip number 3 in boosting your self belief in you, with a view to aiding your horsemanship with your horse.

Are you aware of the relationship between your thoughts and how you behave, and what your body language and energy are really saying about you?

Now this is something that I see in a lot of horse owners that I meet, and I have a confession, from time to time, I am guilty of the same thing too.

We unintentionally make life much…


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What To Do If Your Horse Has Hives

If you’ve ever had a horse who has had hives, you know how alarming the appearance of hives can be. Hives are more likely to occur in the spring and summer, so let’s brush up on what causes them and what to do if they occur.

What Hives Look Like

A horse with a case of…


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A Tragic End(Never say good-bye)

This isn't a blog post, technically. I wrote a short story and wish to share it. All honest opinions are desired and appreciated!

Please enjoy............... 

If there's one thing my Aunt Teresa taught me, its that death is inevitable,no matter what you do to avoid it you can't. This is what angered me the most about being plagued by cancer. People get all weepy,run away relatives suddenly return and the medicine sucks. My Dad barely has dry eyes anymore and…


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The Dark Side of Spring--GNATS!

The Dark Side of Spring—GNATS!!!

Last Sunday was a marvelous Spring day—no gnats, sunny, warm, with a…


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Walter on Positive Pet/Vet Training.

Thanks for not mentioning my big nasty scab. I woke up last week with a corgi toenail inside my ear. It was attached to a corgi…running in mid-air… trying to find traction…in a fight with a sleeping Briard…next to me on the bed…at about 2 am. The Briard was totally disoriented by…


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How to Save On Horse Bedding Costs

If your wintertime bedding bills have left your wallet thin, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to save on your bedding bill in the upcoming months.

Maximize Turnout

With warm weather finally here, it’s a great time to maximize the number of hours that your horse…


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Restore Your Self Belief When Things Go Wrong - Part two

Good morning, now then I promised that I would share some more tips about self belief, so here is tip number two for you.

Self belief is feeling good enough; its the feeling that you can handle whatever life, or your horse throws at you? Its about having a healthy appreciation and acknowledgement (we often forget this bit), of your abilities and talents. Its not about anything superficial.

Its about being OK with you, and OK with where you are at with your…


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Riding Just To Ride

A couple of weeks ago I was faced with a particularly irritating scenario; the clients who had booked for the final lesson of the day didn't show...  Not a word of explanation... Nothing!

I am sure you have had similar experiences, whether you work with horses or not, and can relate to how I was feeling at that point; tired, frustrated and annoyed!  After ten minutes of 'busying' myself around the yard and admonishing myself for thinking the worst in people (it is possible they…


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WR David~a small foal with a big goal


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Essential Springtime Supplies for Horse Owners

Owning a horse in the springtime presents a unique set of challenges – you must be ready to deal with shedding season, mud, and a horse who may not have been in a regular riding program. Having the right supplies will help you to better cope with the challenges of spring. Are these supplies in your…


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Restore your Self Belief when Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong in our horse work, our horsemanship, our riding.....we begin to blame ourselves; but we also take it further.  Sometimes we can blame ourselves so much when things go wrong that we stop trying, we stop searching for an answer, we stop attempting to move forward and begin to move backwards.

This does not just affect our relationship with our horses, it starts to creep into other areas of our lives, how we see ourselves, our social interactions, our careers…


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