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'My' herd

I've been volunteering at the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center for around two months now. It's been rocky a few times but otherwise very smooth and fun. I must say I've grown attached to the horses and ponies and am developing favorites among both the equines and students. I guess my favorite student is Abbie, a rebellious red head in her late teens. I can't tell if there is anything physically or mentally wrong with her, but she is fun to talk to and work…


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The Thing About Horses and Healing: a Memoir.

We see them from the road and use phones to take photos. We keep a legal distance but most of us have seen neglected horses and reported…


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All set for the Pan Ams!


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What's Next

What’s Next


What a terribly emotional time this has been.  The disappointment has been weighing on me, heavily.  Not a few tears have been shed, and none of them caused by my physical pain.  I was even doubting Mrs. Shoes.  (Foolish, foolish me.)  It didn’t help, that Kevin, always a cynic, was painting me a picture of a woman who just wanted to get rid of a horse—that she was hiding the fact that he had a bucking problem—just because she wanted to get rid of him.  Though I…


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What You Need to Know About Starting a Horse Rescue

Two horses graze in a meadow with haystacks

Is it your dream to open a horse rescue of your own? Rescuing horses in need is a noble cause, but there’s a lot to know before you set out to create your own rescue.

Filing Nonprofit Status

If you plan to run a rescue, you will be looking at filing for nonprofit status. When your rescue is deemed a nonprofit, people who…


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How to Stay Safe When Riding Your Horse in a Parade

dressage hors

With parade season in full swing, are you planning on riding in a parade with your horse? Riding in a parade can be a great experience, and it’s fun to be able to share our horses with others. These tips can help to keep both you and your horse safe during a…


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My 4th ride on MerryLegs went superb. We practiced our walk/whoa transitions, did some straight lines and he seemed to understand when I wanted to turn. Things were looking good.

On Saturday, I rode at a walk for about 15 minutes. I decided to ask for a trot. I tried the ride before, but he didn’t do it, and I didn’t push it. This time, I was more determined. I said the word, squeezed my legs, got nothing and continued to squeeze. Next thing I knew, I was flying through…


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Signs That You're Ready to Build Your Own Barn


Building a horse barn of your own is a big decision. There’s lots of planning and research that needs to go into your barn in order to ensure that you get the barn of your dreams. Have you been thinking about building a horse barn of your own? These points can help you determine if you’re ready to move forward with the project.

You’ve Looked…


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Michigan Three Day Event

What's better than spending three days with horses? Nothing that I can think of. Yesterday was day one of horse sitting. I mucked stalls and tossed hay. The water troughs needed cleaning and re-filling so my brother and I did that too. The dog that stays at Julie's house has become my shadow, needing to be with me at all times. He'll ignore my brother and follow me around. While there I was able to ride Cody for a hour. It was the perfect opportunity to work…


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How to Keep the Horse Smell Out of Your Home


While many of us don’t mind the smell of horse at all and would even welcome it into our homes, our other family members might not feel the same way. Keeping the horse smell from permeating your home can be a bit of a challenge, but with a little planning, you can minimize how much l’eau de horse enters your home.

Have a Designated “Horse”…


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Buying the Right to Make a Correction.

She’s Tomboy. I don’t write about her often enough; she’s a little more serious than my corgi men. She’s a Briard, a French herding breed that has a very protective side. Tomboy appointed herself my personal bodyguard when she was a tiny pup and has…


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Rides Two and Three

Rides Two and Three


Totally uneventful.  I didn’t have my number one assistant, Ellen, but Kevin did a fine job as number two assistant.  He held MerryLegs for mounting and stood with us as we practiced standing quietly and walked by our side.  He stayed with us the majority of ride #2, but I only had him help a little on ride #3. 


We haven’t done much except practice “walk” and “whoa.”  He only tried backing up a couple of times.  We got stuck at a standstill…


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Position and Personal Space: don't let your horse in your bubble

What is the purpose behind teaching your horse personal space? We teach horses to respect our personal space for safety and manners. A woman I knew told me that if your horse is walking right beside you, Spooks and bolts you'll get run over. She always said to keep the horse 2-3 feet away or an arms distance from you. Not only does teaching personal space help avoid being trampled it also helps to avoid being crowded, knocked in the head by his head and…


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Tips for Taking Good Horse Show Pictures

dressage hors

Horse show season is in full swing, but capturing great photos of friends at a show is a challenge. These tips can help you take great photos of horses and riders in a show setting.

Get Space Ringside Early

Just where you position yourself in relation to the competition ring will have a big effect on how your photos come out.…


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Tips for Designing an Ideal Grooming Stall

Are you planning to include a grooming stall in your barn? Grooming stalls are great to have, since they can keep horses out of busy barn aisles, but a grooming stall is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Consider the following when planning your grooming stall.

Find the Right Location

If possible, try to locate the grooming…


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The Hidden Costs of the Free Horse


We've all seen them – horses being offered up as free to a good home. It can be so tempting to bring them home to the barn, but oftentimes free horses are actually quite expensive. Here's why.

Underlying Issues

Oftentimes horses which are being given away for free have significant physical or behavioral issues. If the owner is…


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4 Phases that no one pays attention too

There is nothing I enjoy mmore than watching a jumping competition on TV. When Daniel Deusser or Scott Brash(1&2 top jumpers in the world) clear those jumps its breathtaking. I recently watched a jumping competition with a young, new rider. His time was poor and his riding not much better. I cringed watching him jump and knew he wouldn't be in the jump off. Here is what I saw.....

Going into the…


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Because a person doesn’t turn 50 everyday…

Because a person doesn’t turn 50 everyday…


I wanted to do something special on my special day.  I didn’t tell anybody, just in case I changed my mind.  The conditions had to be right.  It needed to be quiet at the barn, MerryLegs had to be in the right frame of mind and my gut had to say it was…


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Hot and Muggy

Hot and Muggy    

Summer weather has arrived down here in NC with a vengeance.  Highs in the upper 90’s F, lows in the mid 70’s F, the sweat pours off of me, the horses come in from the paddocks with sweat matted coats, the insects are super active, the cows in the neighboring pasture congregate in the pond, and we appreciate any breeze.  We wish for cooler weather in vain, the coolest high for the next ten days will be 93 F, and we may get several days at 100 F or higher.  It is far…


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Battling Sweet Itch

brown horse attacked by flies

Midges. These tiny little biting flies are pests to both human and horse in the spring, summer, and early fall. But these flies can be more than just pesky – they are actually the source of an equine condition called Sweet Itch.

What Is Sweet Itch?

Sweet Itch is an overreaction of your horse’s immune system to the…


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