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The Chincoteague Pony

Are you a sucker for pintos? How about round, fluffy ponies? The Chincoteague Pony combines both of those characteristics into an eye-catching pony with a rich and unusual history. Chincoteague Ponies, which actually live on Assateague Island off of the coast of Virginia, have been popularized by the…


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Creating balance between Liberty and ridden work

Can you ride the same horse that you play with at liberty?  Is riding going to damage the partnership?  How can you combine the two styles and how do you introduce them?

Extra is my liberty horse and she gallops around me with her red mane whipping and tail like a ball of…


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A Holistic Approach to Anxiety in Horses

So often in my work as an equine sports therapist I see and hear about horses struggling with anxiety. Whether it be the gelding who sweats himself silly in the trailer, or the mare who can’t eat when the horse across the aisle is looking at her, it…


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Horses equal Happiness which equals Health

It has been said that people who are happy have lower blood pressure, less stress and live longer. Those who are always miserable and grumpy have higher blood pressure, more stress and don't live as long. Why! Because it takes more energy to be miserable than it does to be happy. People who smile and laugh a lot tend to look younger and have…

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National Go for a Ride Day

Did you know that tomorrow is National Go for a Ride Day? National Go for a Ride Day encourages everyone to get out and go for a ride, whether it be by car, bicycle, train, or, of course, horseback. If you want to celebrate National Go for a Ride Day, or if you’re just looking for a change of pace, then think about giving one of these fun suggestions a…


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Abuse -When do you speak up?

Do you ever get haunted by a situation where you wish you had said something? Mine was 18 months ago. As I drove away from a lesson, I pulled over to check my messages, facing a riding arena where a roping event was going on. It was a perfect summer night and riders were warming up. There was some light bantering passed around, followed by good-natured…


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Influential riders today

Stacy Westfall. Beezie Madden. Debbie McDonald. These are just three out of many great riders out there.  Stay Westfall is best known for her natural horsemanship, riding bareback and bridle less every time. She's competed in many competitions, appeared at the Quarter Horse Congress for guest performances. She is best remembered for her farewell routine on Wizards Baby Doll aka Roxy to the theme of Titanic. Now she lives the life of a bedouin, traveling the roads with horses, husband and…


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Use Horse Stall Partitions to Create Atmosphere In Your Barn

There are many ways to create atmosphere in your barn, such as the use of high ceilings, wide aisles, and plenty of natural light with barn windows and skylights. But one factor will have a significant influence on the atmosphere of your barn:…


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Dead jockey Sign for New Life?

Frank Hayes, born 1883 died 1923 due to a heart attack he had on June fourth.  He rode a lovely mare named Sweet Kiss(later renamed)  in a race in Belmont Park in New York. Sweet Kiss's owners didn't expect her to win any races in her lifetime, but Frank convinced them to let him try her out.  Not only did…


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How to Keep Horse Stall Water From Freezing in the Winter

When the temperatures dip below 32 degrees, keeping the water in your horse stalls from freezing can be a challenge. There’s only so much frozen bucket hammering that one can take during the winter, and freezing water buckets can put your horse at a higher risk of colic. There are a number of ways that you can help to keep stall water from…


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Attitude Respect and Fear:key components to riding.

Each time I ride,I discover new things about me and the horse I use. Each day we accomplish something,and each day we hit a snag in the road,leaving me crushed. There are rides where I feel on top of the world,like we can accomplish anything together. Then there are the rides where I leave the stable feeling Annoyed,Beaten and Crushed. Those days are the days I tend to doubt myself,wondering if it's even worth it anymore. Two days ago,I rode outside in the freezing cold. My horse,as he shall…


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Azteca~ a great breed of horse

It all started with Mexican farmers,looking for a horse able to do farm work,bullfighting and look nice. So they bred their Andalusion Stallions to Quarter Horse and Criollo mares. From this combo they got a…


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Remembering Top Show Jumper Gem Twist

On November 18, 2006, the world lost one of its best show jumpers: Thoroughbred Gem Twist was euthanized following a pulled muscle that prevented him from standing. The 27-year-old horse led an impressive and inspiring career at the Grand Prix level under multiple riders.

Gem Twist, born in 1979, competed in show jumping…


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So that lasted long... and How to Restore an Oilskin!

"Oh yeah! I'm totally going to get into blogging on Barnmice!" Over 5 months later I have 2 blog posts to show for it. I will get back on the horse, and this time I won't get off it. Let's just pretend like that hiatus never happened, okay?

Last weekend I was very fortunate to be given a full length oilskin duster. The catch? It was covered in mold. I'm not talking like a little spotting, I'm talking old-leather-halter-left-in-a-barn-for-50-years moldy. When I texted…


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Waiting out the storm with the Dogs of War.

Last Monday I worked a couple of horses in the morning. The temperature dropped in the afternoon–by 54 degrees. I raced to the feed store to get an emergency stash…


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The Gentleness of Horses

I was musing the other day on the Connecticut judge who found that horses are "a species naturally inclined to do mischief or be vicious."  (See…


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Saddle Fit and Difficult Shoulders

One of our certified Saddlefit 4 Life® saddle ergonomists in Europe recently came across this horse – which had a shoulder blade that was higher than the withers. She said that the 'best' fitting saddle for it had a half panel to accommodate this unique conformation, but asked for my advice. Does anyone else recognize seeing a horse like this before?…


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Creative Ways to Recycle Around the Barn

From recycled racehorses to recycled horse manure, there are tons of ways to recycle around the barn. With America Recycles Day upon us, here are some creative ways to recycle and repurpose things around the barn to get you started on your…


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Tips for Marketing a Boarding Barn

Marketing is an important aspect of running a successful boarding barn business. But marketing a barn is very different from marketing a product. Are you looking for different ways to…


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Five Places Every Equestrian Should Visit

The Spanish Riding School

With its world famous Lipizzaner stallions and dressage training and techniques, the Spanish Riding School is definitely a Mecca for any horse lover. Take in one…


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