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Life lessons from horses - part II

Here's the second part meaning another 5 of the ten life lessons I've learned from horses so far.

  1. You are allowed to make mistakes. Have you ever felt reproach in a horse‘s glance? I haven‘t. Not because my project horse isn‘t fed up with me from time to time. I make mistakes, am unfair (though not on purpose), am not in control of my emotions or loose patience. Still: The horse stays friendly, loyal, polite and patient. In the worst case, he‘ll just tolerate me…

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Struggling with My First Arena Ride of the Season

Struggling with My First Arena Ride of the Season


It was rainy, cold and dark.  It was time to try the indoor arena.


Just a reminder for my readers—I had issues with Cole in the arena in the early days.  He would get to the far corner and try to bolt back to the front of…


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The Loop

The Loop


Last year at this time, I tried riding Cole out on the loop—a small track that is about a quarter mile long that is behind the barn—and it was a disaster.  I ended up riding him in the arena when it got too dark in the evenings to go on the trail.  This year, I decided to try it again.…


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Old Poke Meets Mr. Smooth

Old Poke Meets Mr. Smooth


Oh, what a long weekend we had.  It was 4 consecutive, sunny October days—perfect for riding.  Of course, we had our usual vacation disaster, but this time, it had nothing to do with the weather or a high river.…


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Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade

My sister and I take our vacation days together so we can go riding. We have to pick our days weeks ahead of time because if the way her employer’s system works. It’s not like we can look at the forecast and pick the days with the best weather. Instead, we just guess.

Our vacations are notorious for having bad weather and high rivers.…


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The Goldenrod Ride

The Goldenrod Ride


My sister and I love to ride up to the show ring trails all the time—but particularly when the goldenrod is blooming. Sunday was a chilly, sunny morning—a perfect day to see the goldenrod. Instead of Dante, Ellen took Ranger. Ranger loves…


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Tips to Prepare for Your Horse's Move to a New Boarding Barn

When planning to move your horse to a new boarding barn, it’s helpful to make a to-do list to ensure that you get everything necessary done before the day of the move. Knowing that you have accomplished what you need to do before the move will make the actual moving day less stressful on both you and your horse. Need to put…


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Twelve Days of Creative Christmas

To celebrate the festive season the Equestrian Creative Network (ECN) is giving creative professionals the chance to win a portfolio - each day for twelve days - to showcase their work free for a year. On two of the days in-house teams can win a portfolio to be able to use the ECN Newswire to…


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Horse Rescue: Not for the Faint of Heart.

Do you ever wonder if a rescue horse would be good enough to be your next horse? They have a…


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Persevere,Perseverance and Persevering......... Three musketeers for riding.

~If one bad ride discourages you from continuing,then how will you face life? ~

I rode. I fell. I hopped back on. He bucked. I freaked. I got back on the next day. He blew me off. I blew him off. I stayed on. He ran. I caught him. I got back on. He panics and I comfort him. I panic and he soothes me until I relax. He bit me I kicked him. I feel him as he shifts into a canter. He feels me as I shift my balance. Patiently he waits…


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Tips for Choosing Stall Accessories

If a barn renovation or upgrade is in your plans for 2015, then choosing stall accessories will be on your to-do list. When choosing stall accessories, there are particular factors that you will want to look for. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most out of the stall accessories that you…


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Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life: Level 3

If you’ve been following our gift-giving series, you’ll know that our first two posts covered stocking stuffers and larger gifts for a horse…


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Knowing when to be upset and happy about a ride

People, I have a problem. It's been my fatal flaw throughout my sixteen years of life.......I have a phobia of failing. It's true. The thought of falling anything-tests, riding, contests, anything, causes me to literally hive up. I'm serious. Right now my biggest issue is that I am not assertive enough with the horse I handle. I am a passive person, being assertive isn't in my DNA. Oh, I can be assertive, I just don't like it. It really frustrates me that I am having this problem with…


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Happy Holidays!

At Christmas, for the last several years, my horse has tailored a popular Christmas carol to make her seasonal opinion known, and as always, I have opted to share it with others, because I believe most horses think pretty much the way mine does (that is, food is all-important):


I'm dreaming of a tasty Christmas ---

Treats coming in a steady flow.

Give me cookies, candy;

Mint chocolate’s dandy;

And I love carrots, don’t you know.




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2014 National Cutting Horse Association Futurity

From November 20th through December 13th this year, cutting horse enthusiasts will descend on Fort Worth, Texas. The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) World Championship Futurity brings together the very best 3-year-old cutting horses under the roof of the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The event, offering $4…


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Maybe This Saddle Will Work Better

Maybe This Saddle Will Work Better   


Last week I offered Debbie the chance to see if my old German made dressage saddle would work for her Arab gelding Tercel.  This is an old calf-skin covered saddle I had found in pitiful condition in my feed store almost ten years ago.  It obviously had been ridden by someone in jeans (the leather jockeys covering the stirrup buckles were sadly worn,) and the saddle had obviously not been stored right because there were wrinkles in the…


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Physiology of a horse:when should they be broken in?

A friend of mine shared this on facebook and I just had to post it here. It's amazing. 

Equines less than 4 years are not supposed to carry a heavy weight and yes that is including the rider....

Once apon a time this was well known and horses were not considered usable until this age and the majority of the chosen educated horses were not at the prime age for education at the age of 15!



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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Horses - The First 5

"It's amazing what you can learn after you've learned all that you think there is to learn“ (Ray Hunt)

"The levels of competence: Unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent, unconsciously competent" (Pat…

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Merry Christmas Barnmice

All I want for Christmas are my two horsies my two horsies my two horsies gee if I could only have my two horsies then I would wish you Merry Christmas!  

OK, OK, so maybe the song doesn't go quite like this. I believe it's two front teeth, not horses. But, gosh, if I could have two horses, I'd be thrilled. But that isn't really what…


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Judging Horses – Stick to the Score!

Attending the AQHA judges conference in Dallas – felt like being part of a large orchestra. One of 300 judges, tuning up to be on key with the standard, and in sync with one another. So many experienced, talented horseman,  yet personal preference, interpretation and bias were to be laid aside – a reminder…


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