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Lyme Disease: Is Your Horse at Risk?

Nobody likes finding ticks on their horses, but if you live in the Northeast part of the country, ticks carry with them an added risk: Lyme disease. If you’ve ever had to treat your horse for Lyme disease you know how difficult it can be. Is your horse at risk for Lyme disease and if so, what can you do to prevent it? We’ve got the answers for you.

What is Lyme…


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Keeping Your Horse Stress Free at Shows

Does your horse get nervous and stressed at shows? A stressed horse will likely put in a subpar performance, and stress can result in a distracted and nervous horse. You can help to keep your horse calm at horse shows in a number of different ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Be Well-Prepared

The better prepared you and your horse…


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The Marwari Horse

The Marwari is an interesting, unique looking breed. Its long history dates back to the 1100's, making today’s breed an important part of Indian culture.


The Marwari breed originated in the Marwar region of India. It is believed that the Marwari is the result of Indian ponies which were crossed with Arabians. The Marwari was first bred in the 1100's by the…


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My horse doesn't understand me - do I reinforce the aid or do I change it?

Do you remember the post about talking with the ears? You find it here. This one is the sequel. 
I‘d suggested to look at your horse‘s ears if he doesn‘t react to an aid. If you see them pointing in your direction, you‘ll know that the horse is listening and trying to understand you. If he doesn‘t react appropriately it‘s because he is…

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Equine History: Misty of Chincoteague Was Born July 20, 1946

If you were a horse-loving child, chances are that at some point you read Marguerite Henry’s Misty of Chincoteague. Maybe you went on to read Stormy, Misty’s Foal, and even Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague. Misty of Chincoteague became a classic in the literary canon of horse stories, but do you know that it was…


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What to do when your horse is stiff to one side doing circles and figures?

We have had some very good discussions at La Mancha about stiffness and suppleness and how to help a horse develop towards being able to bend evenly going both directions by gently straightening and suppling him. 

For Manolo, suppling is not achieved by asking the horse for more bend on his stiff side then his soft side while riding or working in-hand and making him work in smaller circles and figures to "make" his stiff side "give",…


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Is Your Horse Telling You That He's Too Hot?

High Temperature

Your horse’s normal temperature should be between 99° and 101°F. If your horse’s temperature exceeds that range, he is becoming overheated and needs to be cooled down. It’s a good idea to bring a thermometer along with you to any shows or events that you’ll be riding at so that you can monitor your horse’s…


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Donkeys for Peace: Edgar Rice Burro, my Hero.

It was the gelding’s day for the south pasture, the best turnout spot. They are athletic boys who like to start with a few wind sprints. Then somebody pretends to be afraid of something invisible and they bolt off bucking and farting and air kicking .…


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5 Things You Can Learn from Watching Young Riders

When you were young did your riding instructor encourage you to watch the lessons of older, more experienced riders? Watching experienced riders is a popular way to learn about desirable riding techniques. But have you ever considered that you can learn from younger, less experienced riders too? If you haven’t spent some time recently watching younger riders in their…


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Should You Take on Boarders?

If you have your own barn and a few empty stalls, it might be tempting to open your facility up to boarders. Bringing in boarders has some advantages, in that it can bring in some money and will create more activity at your barn. But should you take on boarders? Before you decide to make the leap, consider how it would affect your particular situation.

The Financial…


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Horse Trainer Uses Gentle Touch to Earn Horse's Respect

Trainer uses gentle touch to earn horse's respect

May. 8th, 2014 by Mary MacArthur



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Temporary Fencing for Overnight Trail Rides

Taking your horse camping or for an overnight trail ride can be a great experience, but securing him overnight is a challenge that you will need to plan for ahead of time. There are a few different ways to secure your horse, so depending on your situation and your horse’s behavior, you can pick the one that works best for you.



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Horse Play News Jul - August 2014

The Running Horse

A Newsletter from Horse Play

July-August 2014

Horse Play

EIN: 05-0506340




Message from Aidan – the Alpha Mare

It’s been hot! But…


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The Waler Horse

While you've likely heard of the Australian Stock Horse, did you know that there's another breed that was hugely influential to Australia’s development? The Waler, a lesser-known breed, proved itself to be a phenomenal cavalry horse during the 20th century.

The Waler's history begins with the importation of horses to Australia in 1788 and…


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My why

Some horses don't defend themselves. Others might toss their heads, kick or bolt, but this kind stays still, their eyes become bigger, glaze over, their body shrinks and tightens. They tuck their tail, contract their mouth, grunt or gasp trying to tell us humans to back down because they are having trouble. But we don't listen, we don't see their struggle and we continue with our demands, our loud aids, our whips and reins and spurs. 



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Why You Should Be Videotaping Your Riding Lessons

Do you videotape your riding lessons? There are a number of benefits to taping your lessons, and given how easily you can record with phones and tablets today, it’s really not a difficult thing to do. If you’re not already taping your lessons, here are some reasons you might want to start.

See What Your Trainer Means

Videos of your…


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Listen First, Train Later.

Photo by Patrick McMahan

The first time I met him, he was two months old standing in a stall with his mom. He was bright and intuitive, an Andalusian/Appendix…


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Is Your Barn Healthy for Your Horse?

Your barn is supposed to be a safe place where your horse can live comfortably, but barns also often contain many health hazards you might not be aware of. Since your horse may be spending more time indoors during the summer to escape the bugs and the heat, now is a perfect time to evaluate your barn to make sure that it is truly a safe place for your horse to be.…


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11 facts you don't know about me (yet)

Let's get personal. At (I am sorry, it's in German) I've read that list-posts are a nice way to get information across. They are easy to read and quite popular at the moment. So I thought I join the crowd. Here we go

11 facts you don't know about me (yet)

1. I have a deep affection for bumble bees and I am redesigning my parents' garden to the needs of the bumble bee



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Reasons Why Senior Horses Are Amazing

Are you lucky enough to have a senior horse in your barn? Senior horses are sometimes brushed over for younger, more energetic mounts. But senior horses have much to offer riders, especially to those of us who are young, inexperienced, or just looking to enjoy a relaxing ride. Senior horses are amazing because:

They Know the Drill



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