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Do You Inspire Your Horse?

Do you inspire your horse? Does he volunteer more than you ask? Are you proud of who you are in his eyes?

And yes, this is a donkey. There is no better trainer for a human who wants to work with horses. Look him in the eye. You are out-matched in strength and wits. Don’t just lay your ego down.…


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Bingo Was Not Too Sure About the Next Experiment

Bingo Was Not Too Sure About the Next Experiment

As I wrote in my blog last week

(I Try Three New Things with Bingo,) I tried the Pee Wee bit on Bingo, and Debbie wanted to see if the next size up of the Pee Wee bit would work better with him.  So I dug through all my bits and finally found the medium size Pee Wee bit and put it on my…


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Talking About the Future with Your Vet.

Are you happy with your veterinarian? It’s the question I ask when a client loses a horse or has a long-term issue. I’m not sure it’s important that they actually have the best vet in the world, but it is important that they think they do. The reason to talk about it now is obvious; there may not be time…


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I Try Three New Things with Bingo

I Try Three New Things with Bingo   


Since I had four lessons on Bingo, I figured that it was time that I changed some stuff with his tack for my lesson this week.  My main concerns were his reluctance to accepting a metal bit in his mouth, his reluctance to start moving, and his reluctance to turn.

The first one, the bit, I cleared with Debbie last week when I showed her my Pee Wee bit and asked her permission to try it on Bingo, you can see this bit here:…


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Horse & Rider Struck by Lightning


Sometimes no amount of protective gear or training can stop accidents from happening.   Especially when Mother Nature is involved.

On Wednesday April 27, 2016  a very accomplished equine professional and his horse were struck and killed by lightning in Mantachie, MS. …


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What I Didn't Know Then (About Starting Horses Young)

It seems that most things I learn about horses, I learn in hindsight. It’s not a bad thing. Horses learn that way, too.

When I was younger I had a great grasp of the little picture. And by…


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And the Horse says...Moo?

No, no the horse does say "Moo", it says "Neigh". The cow says moo and the cow is what this is all about.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday I got to ride along with a bovine veterinarian from the Fowlerville Veterinary Clinic. Her name is Doctor Bonnie Dansby and she is awesome. So I don't…


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Further Adventures with My New Saddle

Further Adventures with My New Saddle

This week I rode three horses using my new saddle.  Doing so made me appreciate my Corrector saddle pad even more than before!  While my new Crosby looked like it fit the horses’ backs, withers and shoulders much better than my other English saddles, the two horses I used it on without the Corrector shortened their strides at the walk, did not move their backs as much, did “stabbing” trots, and otherwise indicated some…


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Freak Riding Accident? Hardly.

WM helmet sunset
The horse world has lost some good riders in the last few weeks. Sadly, it happens all too often. Horses can be unpredictable and people get hurt.…

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Connected Through Horse Ibachakali

“I’m here, I thought to the horse. We’re here. Please, tell me who I really am. Please tell me I’m OK.”

With those words, Shawna Ervin asked for help from Cisco, her horse partner in Tapestry’s…


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Oakley Diaries - 27: April 2016 Thoughts

My dad used to say that anyone who cannot explain what they are doing so well that anyone can understand really doesn't know what they are doing.

No. That is wrong.

There are a great many people who know very well what they are about, yet who cannot explain anything very well at all. Knowing what you are…


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Bingo Seems to Like My New Saddle!

Bingo Seems to Like My New Saddle!

I have had a saddle quandary over the years, many of the horses I ride have backs that are wider than my ancient saddles can handle.  I got these saddles for my Anglo-Arab way back when Thoroughbreds were THE sport horse breed, and while my Stubben Siegfried and Crosby Wide Front saddles were wide for their era I dare not use them without my Corrector pad on the wider backed horses I ride now.

Several months ago, I learned that years ago…


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Beyond the Fence Line

I have a neighbor, a couple of properties to the north, who brings his cattle home to calve each spring. The pasture is empty the rest of the year but then in one day, twenty-five head materialize, casually grazing. They’re hard to miss. The…


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It must be LOVE


Below is a bay QH mare who is very obviously in heat. She's winking, dripping, lifting the tail and peeing frequently. Above is a handsome Sorrel QH gelding, mounting her. She literally thrusted her butt in his face, moved her tail, winked several times and gave shrill whinnies until he mounted her, then she stood and enjoyed the moment. Like most females she played hard to get, letting him mount and go would have been too easy. So after this picture was taken she walked off. He…


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Bingo Shows Some Signs of Understanding

Bingo Shows Some Signs of Understanding   

Everyone at Debbie’s stable was upset when I arrived Wednesday morning, because the 30 or so year old pony, Lily, could not get up.  For a week or two, with two people pulling and pushing, they had been able to get her to stand, but on Wednesday they could not get her up on her feet at all.  Debbie, of course, was with Lily, waiting for the veterinarian to arrive, all the way back on the other side of the riding ring.  Mia was brought in for…


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A Cautionary Tale About Sleeping Around.

synnap arthur

We heard about Arthur, who had reached that certain age in the life of a young goat, just as we were mourning the loss of our old goat. It was…


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Mariage Vintage avec chariot

Élégante et professionnelle, le style classique de chariot de Cendrillon remplira la vision que vous avez créé pour un mariage princesse parfait.

Rejoignez-nous pour découvrir votre lieu de mariage de rêve et rencontrer nos triés sur le volet sélection de quelques-uns des meilleurs fournisseurs dans…


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The Three C's

We scoop it. We dump it. Heck we even use it to fertilize our gardens. Yep, I'm talking about horse manure. There's a lot more to horse manure than just cleaning it up. We can tell a lot about our horses and their overall health from their manure. The Color, Consistency and…


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Pasture Management 101

stock image Farmer working with his tractor on a lush green pasture in the English countryside to ensure the best possible grazing for his livestock

Is your pasture lush and green or sparse and weedy?  Maintaining an established pasture is easier than you think.  There are several key ingredients to basic pasture management: soil, fertilizer, weed control, and rotation. …


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Wednesday I got to ride Bingo, a nineteen-year-old buckskin gelding, who is possibly a Paso Fino/QH cross, around 14 hands high, for my lesson with Debbie.  Bingo had been owned by another MS sufferer who could no longer afford to support a horse.  He had been trail ridden some and ridden in a field.  Recently Debbie has been using him for lessons for two little girls.  Right now he is not very fond of being ridden in the ring.  Since Debbie had doubts about how he would react…


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