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Building Confidence in Your Riding Abilities

Have you ever had the misfortune of a plan going awry when in the saddle?  Perhaps something small such as a refusal or run out, or maybe something a little 'bigger' such as a fall or stumble?  Either way, since it happened, you find that whenever you are in a similar situation or are reminded of it... Things are just, well, different.

Losing your confidence when riding is one of those things that no matter how small or insignificant the initial incident, has all the potential…


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Improving Rider Coordination

Coordination; It's always a wonderful feeling when you can do something effectively without having to put too much thought or effort into it. Being able to cultivate this skill, regardless of what is being done, takes a large number of hours invested in practice. However in order for that practice to be beneficial, it must be correct or perfect practice.

This is the one element that trips many riders up when it comes to having more coordination in the saddle. Hours are spent…


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Fear vs. Anxiety

Sooner or later, it happens.  Maybe you are at the barn and others are about to mount up and ride, or you have been invited by your horse friends to go ride at a clinic or on a trail ride.  You give excuse after excuse so that you don’t have to ride never admitting the real reason.  But you know the truth:  You are afraid to ride.  Perhaps you had a bad fall from your horse or you saw a bad horse accident.  Maybe the fear seems to have come out of nowhere.  All you know is that…


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Tips to Transition from Your Barn Life to Your Outside Life

young woman walking a road with horse

Sometimes life leaves us no choice but to immediately go from the horse barn back to our “outside lives.” Whether it’s heading to the office or a family function, we may find ourselves trying to hide the evidence we’ve been to the barn. If you have to return to your “outside life” immediately after…


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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Go Ride

young girl and horse

With the cooler weather and shorter days, it becomes more and more difficult to get yourself out to the barn and into the saddle. Finding that initial motivation to go ride can be a real challenge, so we've come up with some great tips to get yourself motivated and out to the barn.

Schedule a Ride with a…


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Your Horse is NOT Your Therapist

There’s a cartoon of a roadside stand with a horse inside. The sign says, “Therapy.” We all smile because we’re reminded of that saying about a horse being cheaper than a therapist. I’m not sure that’s true, but after a day of dealing with traffic,…


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Caring for Your Skin as an Equestrian


The active equestrian spends a lot of time in the sun. From long horse show days to training rides to lessons, we’re outside a lot. If you want to keep your skin looking great, follow these tips to care for your skin.

Remember Your Sunscreen

Don’t head out on a ride without your sunscreen!…


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My Achey Breakey Back - Can Riding Horses be Physical Therapy for Your Back?

So, a little while ago I decided to attempt rollerskating(against my will) at a cursed rollerskating ring, and I pulled a Shaggy(if you've ever seen Scooby Doo and watched episodes with Shaggy falling oh-so dramatically and amusingly,you know what I meant, stop laughing, it hurt), and I fractured my(tail) bone(I refuse to call it what it is, just Google it!) which resulted in a pained back. My doctor explained to me I would be sore for months and…


Added by Paula Stevens on February 19, 2015 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Ride Like You've Never Been Thrown

1st of the series 'Ride Like You've Never Been Thrown' From the Rider Newspaper*

Part 1


As Equine enthusiasts, some of us dream of spending every waking hour at the barn. Some spend exorbitant amounts of money on their lovable steeds. We talk a different stable language even in the presents of our ‘unstable’…


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Horses Equal Happiness Which Equals Health

It has been said that people who are happy have lower blood pressure, less stress and live longer. Those who are always miserable and grumpy have higher blood pressure, more stress and don't…

Added by Paula Stevens on November 22, 2014 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

The Oakley Diaries - 22: A Game of Inches

Sometimes it just feels as if we're not getting anywhere. Another beautiful autumn, the last show of the year goes by and the difference between this month and last month is hard to discern. It seems as if we're just inching forward. We're fighting a World War I battle, a titanic struggle over a few yards, at great cost and effort with nothing to show.

And there is…


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Balance - And How to Achieve It - Part I

Balance is one of the main ingredients for a successful partnership with a horse - be it on the ground or riding. When looking at the horse from a horsemanship perspective, we check his physical, mental and emotional balance. With us humans, it's the same. We can loose our balance because our…

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Horse Riding Tips: The Emergency Stop

If you’ve ever been on a runaway horse, you know how frightening that can be. And if you haven’t been on one yet, then we hope you never have that experience! True, out-of-control runaways are highly dangerous, and stopping them can be a challenge. The one-rein emergency stop is the go-to trick for stopping a runaway horse, but it can be dangerous. Is there a better way?



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Recognizing the Signs of Concussion In a Rider

Last month we featured a blog post on how to handle a rider who’s been in a serious fall. In some cases, it will be plainly evident that a rider is injured – they’re knocked unconscious or they have broken a bone. In other cases, though, the injuries might not be quite so apparent.

Concussions are serious injuries that are dangerous if they go…


Added by Classic Equine Equipment on June 18, 2014 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

The Oakley Diaries - 18: Lesson The First- Wow

I let my friend R.M. have her first real horse ride on Oakley. It was a thrill and a pleasure for us both. Firstly, because, for years, we've had an ongoing argument:

"I know how to ride."

"No, you don't."

"But I've been on lots of trail…


Added by B. G. Hearns on May 18, 2014 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

Basic Human First-Aid That Any Horse Person Should Know

Do you know what to do in the event that a rider is injured and is left unconscious? Could you recognize the signs of shock, and do you know how to treat it? If you spend time around horses, then it’s possible that you will have to help a rider in a serious situation. Let’s review the First-Aid basics that you will want to know.

Dealing with a…


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Getting Happy About What You Don't Know.

Most of us started as back yard riders. No shame, we were kids, we climbed up and rode. When we fell off, we climbed up and rode some more. I must have known there was tack, I watched westerns on TV after all, but we didn’t own any. We thought you kicked a horse to make him trot and…


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Tribute to the Barn Moms

This is for you, Mom, for all that you do for your horse-loving daughter. This is to say thank you for how you never told your daughter she’d “grow out of it” when she came to you at six years old with wide eyes and dreams of a pony of her own. Thank you for always slowing the car down when you passed horse farms so that she could press herself up against the window to catch a glimpse of the glossy-bodied equines and the brilliant white fencing and that beautiful, entrancing…


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Rider Rest: The Night Before the Horse Show


Humans are designed to thrive in a cycle of stress/challenge and recovery/rest. Tomorrows horse show takes care of the stress, but what really counts as R&R to perform at your best?

Is it:

  • Kicking back at the exhibitor party the night before?
  • Braiding, grooming, bathing at the stable with your horse and barn…

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The Art is in the Transition.

When I see kids learning to drive these days in compact cars with automatic transmissions, I wonder where’s the challenge? Back in my day, (beware when a gray-haired…


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