A question to people who jump. I have a dressage horse who I ocassionally jump. What is the distance between cavalletti for a bounce? For one stride? Also, what distance should I have for two cantering poles? My horse is a 16.3 Hanoverian with a large stride. Thanks for your help!

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Bounce at trot - 9'
Bounce at canter - 9 - 11'
One stride at trot - 18 - 20'
One stride at canter - 21'
Two strides at canter - 34 - 36'
All measurements are approximate since I have seen the stride of your horse!
Thanks Linda, so if I have two cantering poles that I canter into, perhaps 10'?
Yes that would be fine!
the way i was taught 2 space jumps was walk str8 up 2 the jump and take 2 stepa (thats hw far they''l land after jump) and take 3 steps 4 every stride you want! and then another 2 steps for take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so 1 stride would b 7 steps
2 strides 10 steps
bounce 4 maybe 5 strides
gud luk!!!!!!
The normal striding is two of our regular strides from the base of the jump (landing space) and then three more for the actual stride. There should also be two more strides to the next base. For poles, as far as I know it's just three of our big strides, because a horse's stride is normally 12 feet. For each extra stride (say, in a line) you just add 3 more steps. So, for a four-stride line, you would take 16 steps in all.


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