Hii, my pony has a sunburn on her muzzel :( what do you do for that or what do you put on it?

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alright, but i tried a sensitive one and it didn't work at all! people in my barn just said to use a ragular one because their skin is not sensitive and it worked great!
I use Penaten but you could also use a fly mask with the long nose piece and it will also help protect your pony's nose.
Yeah sunscreen and you can buy a flap to atach to their halter that will protect their muzzzle.

It works!!! i know a horse with the same problems, the flaps the best way to go!!!
First of all cover her nose to prevent her from continuing to get burnt. A fly mask with a nose flap works well. If the burn is really nasty silverzine cream is excellent. If it's not too bad then good old aloe vera juice will soothe it and help heal it. When its healed there are lots of sunscreens available for animals such as Filta-clear and Sunstop. Good luck and I hope this helps!


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