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did u see him at Milner? i didn't but it was a real disaster apparently (at least 100 warm up jumps, 20 faults, quite a spectacle),
Who is actually riding the horse now? I haven't heard any follow-up since reading the article.
Danielle Fernandes
So, is the horse still with the B.C. woman then? Sorry, I only know what was going on from the newspaper story. Isn't there going to be a fight over this? If the woman has the passport, which was approved by Equine Canada, does that mean "case closed"?
no idea, sorry. My understanding is that the horse is with the woman in Chilliwack.
Just popping into the discussion - I heard that too. Very unusual for horse news to get such a large article in the Globe!
i didn't see the whole article (i'm not paying $5 to read a new article) but there some pretty scandalous things involved besides the dispute over the horse (huge cocaine bust, beastiality... ). The media loves that sort of thing.
Yeeks! $5? I read the original article a few weeks ago. They talked about the cocaine, but not the bestiality! Oh goodness!
I know! (i got a chuckle out of your reaction to the $5 LOL)
If you werent actually there to see him at Milner I wouldnt be making assumptions... since my trainer was training the horse (i was there) and you really don't understand the circumstances.
hay Maddie, I know Natasha was coaching Danielle for the GP. I don't know why either of them would choose to get involved in that mess. And I wasn't there that particular day but several people who were told me about it directly, they all felt bad for the horse.
ya I understand but Danielle was just stuck on the horse and had never had him in that ring. i know it is an amazing horse but i don't think that it is fair that the owner did that. Danielle is NOT Kyle King. She needed a class or two before that. No one should expect her to take a stallion to a show for the first time and do well in the first and only class she goes in. She doesn't really have the experience.... and capone tried his heart out.


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