I have a three yr old warmblood cross who is off on her right hind. I don't know what she did, there is no signs of injury. At the walk she is fine, but at the trot she is dragging a toe and just not using it properly.
She is coming up a bit short and may be slightly stabbing the ground, but mostly isn't using her full range of movement. I,m not sure what directon to go in as I am limited in what is available here. It has been three weeks, with a now a couple of weeks off with no difference. I have decided to put her a glucosamine supplement as it won't hurt her and am working her lightly. Walk and a bit of trot on the lunge line. I would like to know what part of her body may be affected. I don't think it is the hock, I wonder if it would be in the pastern or hip. Could the pelivis be out, could that cause that kind of movement?

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I would definatley have Ann come out and have a look, deep tissue work with structural alignment is a fantastic combination. I have worked with equine chiropractors, for this same reason. When muscles are held in a shortened range of motion, it is important to identify and deal with the disfunction, as to allow the alignment work to happen and not be pulled back out by the shortened muscles.
Ann- what is your website?
Hello there,

Our website is www.witsendfarms.com cheers,Ann.
HI Ann, I did check out your web site. What are you suggesting? I could be intersested in the clinic in Nov. just to learn more for myself and my horses. I'm not sure what direction to go in for this horse. She is not any better, I know this will take time. I wonder if I should put her in a paddock as I am still letting her go out for the day with my other 3 horses. I feel like I should lock her up and bute her for a week or so if there is any inflamation, although I also feel like normal turnout is good for her. I have worked in a health food store for 13 years and am familiar with all kinds of therapy and am more interested in holistic med. but there is something to be said for short term antinflamatories(sp) I do have her a gluc. and msm product called Recovery for safe keeping, but doesn't seem to be doing much at this point. She did seem to be a bit happier after her treatment the other day, but I think it has relapsed, and yes a nerve may be pinched or there is muscle spasm etc. I will try that fellow again as there are some very reputable people in our area that use him, but he lives a few hours away and doesn't come here too often, but apparently he will coming again shortly but I wonder if I should try some massage with a massage person too. I really don't want to jump around too much and start grasping at straws. I did a bit of massage on her myself yesterday, I don't know if it helped, but I will continue every two days. Do you know Donna Hawkins? she has shown me a few things in the past, although I can't exactly remember everything. Well I need to go to work now, thanks, Gail
It could possible be her hip, I knew a horse who dislocated her hip. How bad is the lameness?? is it just limping or dead cant walk lamness??


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