Does anyone know anything about piroplasmosis?
What is it? Horses in Florida are getting it and it seems to be spreading.

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Also known as babesiosis. It sounds nasty. Here is a link to wikipedia:

(Hmm... I can't see it there - but you can Google it...)

Have the ticks been bad in Florida this year?
I have no idea, but a lot of people will want to start shipping to Florida in the next couple of months and this sounds like something that is easily spread. Speaking of that, what is Hendra? I see that is affecting horse AND humans in Australia (I believe). I had never heard of it before reading about it in some news articles.
Getting it by ticks is a common way, but their finding out that it's not the ONLY way. Their are not quite sure yet, so that's not helpful at all lol. I would look it up on google or ask a vet because thats the best way to know.
PIROPLASMOSIS is a tick born infection that can also be spread by dirty needles and skin piercing implements. Blood to Blood. Not normally found in Canada, US, England or Ireland, but is in Africa, Caribbean, Central America, East and Southern Europe, Middle East. Can be difficult to diagnose but mild cases shows as progressive Anemia, Jaundice and Fever. Confirmed with blood tests and treated with drugs
HENDRA, good info at
Hope this helps.
St Clair


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