Someone sujested useing a figure eight bridle on my horse, but I don't really know what it does so can someone please explane to me what a figure eight bridle does?

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What kind of noseband do you use now?

Hi There, I use a cross noseband, figure eight or mexican they are colled many things they are legal for all disciplines, the beauty of the cross noseband is that they stop the horse crossing its jaw which reduces the opportunites for the tongue to get over the bit but they allow absolute freedom of breathing thats why you see them so often on eventers and showjumpers. They were very popular until the the hanovarian (flash) bridle was introduced. I love them and use it on very 'hot' thoroughbred and he goes alot better in it than a standard hanovarian - he doesnt like the cavesson restriction. I hope that helps - but do be aware there are two different type of figure eight nosebands one the sits below the cheek bone and one that sits on the cheek bone I use the one that sits on the cheek bone as it crosses higher over the nasal bone.
I have attached a photo so you can see it on my horse jumping.
I hope this helps
Michelle B (Sydney Australia)
Thanks, and right now I just use a regular cavesson.


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