Do you have a great horse photo that you would like Barnmice to use, as the photo to replace the current silhouette when someone doesn't add their own profile picture?

If so, please leave your name below and I'll go to your page to check out the photo.

We will be rotating photos every now and then, and will try to include everyone's suggestions.


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Here are some pictures that could be used for the current silhouette if needed.

- Hannah
hope you like em
and some more

I thought this would be a cool icon. I took it a while back and i think it would look nice. Hes a 12 year old arabian gelding.

Hi, this is the first time I have posted on Barnmice...I'm from Victoria Australia..Heres a Photo of my darling Broodmare Beckworth Strolling Fair....she is in foal to one of the most Fab and awarded Stally in OZ ATM, due sept.
How about this head shot. See attached
This is my granddaughter Stephanie and her pony Beau.
pick what you like
Hi, I have just joined and have two photos so far in my album. Isaac is a Cleveland Bay a very rare horse, and the other is Barrington his first foal who is half TB. You are most welcome to use these photos if they are any help to you.
I think this was one of my best photogenic moments.

Gosh, what an ellegant dismount LOL luv the eye contact with your Pally.

his eyes and ears are saying "what you doing"


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