Do you have a great horse photo that you would like Barnmice to use, as the photo to replace the current silhouette when someone doesn't add their own profile picture?

If so, please leave your name below and I'll go to your page to check out the photo.

We will be rotating photos every now and then, and will try to include everyone's suggestions.


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I know! As my friend said= I was just checking the throat latch.
PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE USE it for the Photo Caption of the week contest I WOULD LOVE to see what people come up with
This is my Icelandic mare on a day with -30*C. She was loving it!
Have a look at my profile photo. Made me laugh anyway!

Hi Everyone,
Please feel free to add any photos that you would like us to use as our default members' image. We switch every few weeks.
Please be sure to add the actual photo, as opposed to a link.
I haven't figured out how to do that yet! :)

Hi, have added a few new photos. There may be one or two that are suitable. You can check them out and if interested I can email you a copy.
Thanks for the great site.

spring grass and the mustang mare Bordeaux and her foal
Meritage, by Zensational, pure friesian stallion
thank you so much for using this photos of our Friesian Heritage Horse
Meritage, at 8 days of age,
sired by Zensational BHE and out of Bordeaux the mustang mare in the photo.


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