Do you have a great horse photo that you would like Barnmice to use, as the photo to replace the current silhouette when someone doesn't add their own profile picture?

If so, please leave your name below and I'll go to your page to check out the photo.

We will be rotating photos every now and then, and will try to include everyone's suggestions.


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I really like this close up of my mare's eye, or this one of a rider's leg, or another shot of my roan mare..thanks for a look, PK
u can check out my site and use any you like
yes, i think he's a cutie
You are welcome to use any of mine as well. :) I have at least one silouette that might work. :)

oops. Didn't add this little bit. Since people don't have a pic, maybe they don't like faces :P So perhaps some legs?
Thanks everyone,
I've peeked, and your photos are all FANTASTIC! So many to choose from and I'll definitely get them all in (we change photos approx every three weeks).
I have a photo of my 2 miniature horse geldings (Moses and Louie) that could be used. its a head shot of the 2 of the grazing together

This is my AMHA/AMHR registered miniature stallion, Ravenwood Medalions Royalty. He is definitely a little prince and you're welcome to use this photo (he'd be honoured lol).

This is the picture I refered to in my previous post. Louie is wearing the purple halter (reg'd Falabella gelding) and Moses is wearing the red halter (reg'd Miniature Horse gelding).
your welcome to use one of my equine art pieces you can check them out on my website
WOW! That is a gorgeous! Shot


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