2015 Bitless Bridle talk - #Nurtural all the way for me!

Well, I finally have something to say - I appreciate the look and feel of Barnmice and I've observed for over a year.

I am clearly biased for the #Nurtural but here are some things I know after five years: 

  • If the bridle doesn't make sense to you, it will not work for you, and it's rarely the horse for whom the bridle doesn't work.
  • If you haven't decided you have a problem then bitless won't be your solution.
  • If you have done your homework and made up your mind that bitless is for you, then it will be a success for you.
  • Beware of naysayers who are your mentors, sometimes they do not understand and they will steal your confidence.
  • If you think a piece of tack will solve your problem, then you have the wrong idea entirely.
  • It's probably a good idea to check yourself before investing in another piece of tack - a lot of the time it's the human creating the problem.

All that being said - you should use the bridle of your choice with no recriminations from anyone, as long as your horse is comfortable and happy. Bitless is an option to getting closer to the relationship of your dreams with your horse. 

I know one person I talked to today has a most extraordinary relationship with her horses who have let her know they prefer their bit most of the time. I say, awesome because she is making certain of their frame of mind!

:) I also have to let you know that #Nurtural has launched a crowdfunding campaign to set the wheels in motion to get the word out to the world and thereby change it one horse at a time. We already have 10 years of experience and more than 10,000 happy horses in the world - we have the design and the contacts to manufacture on a grand scale as well as one of a kind custom bridles. We are committed to helping every person - no matter what their background (backyard horse enthusiast to top level competition equestrian) to experience the Bright New Bitless Day where they can have a better relationship, greater responsiveness and all without the pain and adversity of something in the mouth! We have no idea what the response may be with this campaign. Maybe we will just keep changing people's and horses' lives a few at a time or maybe we will be able to open the eyes of the world! That is all up to you. Please help us change the world! #Nurtural Campaign and if that link is broken just copy and paste this into your browser: http://igg.me/at/help-horses-help-people-nurtural/x/10776424

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Awesome!! and Thank you for the comment!


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